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October 19, 2006 - Archived copy


Page 1

Brigade needs volunteers urgently

Opal miner dies after falling down shaft

OME nitro bagger almost finished

Page 2

District Council of Coober Pedy councillor nominees - Kevin Woon, Boro Rapaic, Geoff Sykes, Bev Staines, Roanna Wardle.

Page 3

District Council of Coober Pedy councillor nominees (cont) - Alex Morgan, Tina Doulgeris, Paul Athanasiadis, Mike Maylin.

Editorial: No nitro - what can you do?

Craft workers

Historical Society

Page 4

Council page - Swimming pool upgrade, dog catcher, FaCSIA cut, community donations

Page 5

I remember when - Eric Krieg

Police News

Page 6 

Out and About - Shannon Lane, Sophie Durdin, Julian Crisa, Jacqui Boland, Christo Pantellis, Leah Henderson, Amy Reynolds, Eric Swan, Ayla-Jane Forman, Jayden Denton, Gwenda Forman, Maria Phillis, Daryl Denton, Chris McCormack, Georgina Gilbert, Jim Reynolds, Bev King, Greg Carroll, Roy Lynch, Greg McCormack, Elin Dyrkorn, Krystin Mance, Dennis Markovic, Ricky Badari, Bobby Brown, Robert Hayes, Lesley Pavlovic, Joy Palmer, Clare Richards.

Page 7

Out and About - Janet Kable, Edward Radeka, Justin Hammer, Dennis Mansell, Jenny Day, Stephen Woodforde, Scotty Murray, Peter Doumtsis, Julie McAllan, George McCormack, Barry and Vanessa, Vi Mance, Kimiora McGregor, Flora and Mirjana Alavija, Melissa Rosewarne, Simon McLeod, Sherrill and Giordan, Dave Sanders.

Page 8

Morning lunch organised for census collectors

Rocks thrown at houses

Local business supports Mini Gems fundraising efforts

Hospital Auxiliary raises money for equipment

Page 11

Work on changerooms begins

Regular Features

Sport - Bowls, Soccer, 

Out and About

TV Programs




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