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December 14, 2006


Page 1

Sains win SA Great Regional Award

Drowning is found the top cause of death

Page 2

Adopt a Book and change your child's life

It really was a hot day

Opal miners can break for 'holidays'

Council olive grove

DCCP hold special meeting

Students see what life is like on the real world

Page 3

CPAS dance club spectacular night

White Ribbon Day

Page 4

Angela enjoys work

Council appoints new child care officer

Page 5

Revised REX check -in times

Wedding and Christening all in a day

Police News

Page 6 

Out and About - Nathan Greenwood, Ethan Napier, Iesha Napier, Nana Eileen Napier, Mark and Tanya Nemes, Shandon, Dawn Brown, Tishara Klembt, Klarisha, Tayanah and Taliya Brown, Shelley Ward, Boston, Aber, Tanicia and Heath McDonald, Darryl, Nyesha, Ethan Doolan, Kane, Kelly and Sophie Talbot, Jen Jen, Wynona and Ja'Quaelah Doolan, Jarod and Gavin Talbot, Elisabeth Tanourkas, Aleska Holeva, Jacinta, Phil and Chantelle vanPoorten, Sherrill, Steve Skye and Giordan Staines, Joshua, Jarrad, Lee, Amelia, Tani, Joseph, Brandon, Francis, Kelly and Gary Williams, Rachel Brown, Damien Klembt, Krista, Ban and Tommy Williams.

Page 7

Out and About - Nellie O'Toole, Jane Murray, Francine and Leeyanna Hoani adn Aunty Beck, Brad Crombie, Rowena Williams, Samantha Boland, Jakayla O'Toole, Rachael Karam, Christopher Tsakiridid, Lauren Karam, Emily and Peter Tsakiridis, Meghan and Jayne Karam, Sarna Carbine, Leightahnee Henry, Analyn and Belinda McCormack, Sanela, Jasmine and Tone Kapetenakis, Elsie and Joshua Carboni, Joanne and Matthew Crombie, Ray Mazzone, Peter Rowntree, Judy Harper, Heike Ludwig, George and Ingrid Hawea, Judith Walkabout, Gregory Carroll, Beverly King, Christine and Greg McCormack, Lucille Warren, Colvin Treloar, Sandra and Alicia Warren, Tanola and Brandon Treloar, Zoran Vuin, Emelio, Jocelyn, Emi and Lio Chignola, Ivan Radeka, Edward and Susan Radeka, Shirley Bahr, Nester Morris, Ivan, Cissy, Vanessa and Deahna Riessen.

Page 8

Youngsters gain a voice

Thankyou given to local club

Divine decorations a yearly treat for Coober Pedy

Page 11

Opal industry alliance working well

DCCP Skate Facility

Christmas raffle winners

Carols by Candlelight another year of success

Page 12

Beach volleyball crown contested in grand final

Skate park comes alive

Shooters club trophy presentations

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