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April 26, 2007


Page 1

Arckaringa coal drill start

Changeroom facility opening

Dog bait spate

Wallet out only water restriction

Page 2

Skate park opening

Coober Pedy water supply secure

Page 3

Underground wedding

Returned to Coober Pedy after five years travelling overseas

Page 4

Desert Grill and Seafood attacked again

Nester Morris, 80 years young

Junior soccer clinic a great initiative

Quote of the fortnight

Page 5

Opal festival thanks

Page 6 

Out and About - 

Barbara Lamont, Regine Maeckle, Ljubica Novosel, Damien Clark, Mario and Tatiana Ikasovic, Melissa and Darryl Borrett, Ross Sawers, Lucy Godoroja, Tony Wong, Trevor and Rose Berry, Boro and Robyn Rapaic, Rose Berry and Adela Paz, Natalie Slovachevsky and Dr Vic Sotnik, Pommy John Cruse and Phil Lewis, Nadine Goddard, Sam Agostino, Ally and Kim Savage.

Page 7

Out and About -   

Kelly, Jared and Gavin Shelton-Talbot, Michael Rosewarne and Mark Voss, Katina Pittaway, Graeme 'Wally' Norton, Rose Morgan, Maxine Hoad, Leah Henderson, Michelle Riha, Haimish McBain, Simon McLeod,  James Michie, Gina Shelton, Tina Doulgeris, Mark Bell, Wayne Phillips, Anniks and Deanne Holdrich, Amy Boland, Charmaine Mungerei, Elfreda Wonga, Marissa Buzzacott, Robin Walker, Roy Lynch.

Page 8

You're never too old to learn

Anthea Day, Coober Pedy TAFE Adult Education Teacher

Page 11

Chef Romano Rotelli

Cirkidz in the gym

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