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May 24, 2007


Page 1

Offending tenants to be evicted

Faster internet for Potch Gully

Saints topple Olympic Dam

Max Reid saga stretched again

Page 2

NRDB 2007 Far North Economic Development Forum

AFSS Street barbecue


Coober Pedy court to relieve Port Augusta court

Senior Officers workshop Places for People

Police briefs

Page 3

Men's group meets Eric

World's Biggest Afternoon Tea

Man charged over drug haul

Quotes of the fortnight

Page 4

Street Survey - What do you think about shopping from home on the internet?

Vicki McCormack back in Coober Pedy

Men's Health Night

Page 5

I Remember When - Vicki McCormack

Romano Rotelli at the Opal Inn

Page 6 

Coober Pedy Saints

Joseph Lennon, Mark Bell, William Boland, Jamahl McKenzie

Men's Health Night

Sue Radeka, Alex Licanin, Chris Durdin, Colin Kruger, Nicole O'Grady, Solly Victor, Dusan Rusmir, Gilli Procopis, Bundy Pantelis, Merilyn Fisher, 


Mark Stratton, Mike Nance


Page 7

Out and About -   

Matthew Lennon, Josh Smith, Ronald Carbine, Darryl Doolan, Tod Williams, Jamahl McKenzie, Doug Barnes, Adrian Ware, Timmy Walker, Zaaheer, Terrell adn Mary McKenzie, Graham and Bronwyn Warren, Matthew Lynch, Anthony Hammer, Sarcha Taylor and Adrian Ware, Ringo Stewart, Roy Lynch, Sam Chesser, Ben Atkins, Christine and Peter Butler, Dean Walker, Tommy Parrott, Kelvin Henry, Adrian Fielding, Jermaine Treloar

Page 8

Coober Pedy vs Hornridge

SA kids urged to show off their street sport skills

Page 11

Iron Ore Tenement sparks big interest

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