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June 7, 2007


Page 1

100 Jobs at Cairn Hill

Saints on top

Page 2

Men's Health Night

CPMA AGM cancelled

DCCP and Rex renew partnership for Coober Pedy air services for 3 years

Going to Canada 


Page 3

Corporate Governance Workshop

Buying shares in mining companies

Barbecue held for Reconciliation Week

Large increase in resource for the Peculiar Knob DSO Project

OSHC Excels in Accreditation

Page 4

Council page

Page 5

2007 Far North SA Economic Development Forum

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club Raffle

Page 6 

Opal Inn Karaoke

Kerry-Ann Barnes and Kevin Ferguson, Kelvin Henry, Sam Chester, Jermaine Treloar and Timmy Walker, Olga Boland, Tammy Warren and Luke Mundy, Leroy Boland, Steve Tsakiridis and Rachael Karam, Patrick Williams, Stephen Williams, Lincoln Roddy, Robert Brown, Tod Williams.

OSHC at the Breakaways and the Wildlife Park

Patricia Dragovelic, Angie Aretas, Cartier Scott, Corby Borrett, Ayla-Jane Forman, Amy Boland, Anastasia Geogianoudis, Jake Aulich, Mrs Butler, Elisabeth Tanourka, Caleb and Liam Thornton, Jai Thornton.

Page 7

Corporate Governance Workshop

Donna Blatchford, Kimberley Hebberman, Tony Williams, George Cooley.

Jacqui Boland's Farewell at the IAMC

Jacqui with Nola and Ken Boland, George Boussios, Bundy Pantelis, Paul Haugen, Andy, Kismet and Antonia Newsome, Adam Comer, Amy Reynolds, Christos Pantelis.

Men's Health Night at the United Club

Lillian Fatt, Noel Tippet, Chris Durdin, Kypros, Christos and Bundy Pantelis, Sonja Thornton, Kath and Colin Kruger, Noel Tippet, Senior Sergeant Mark Weaver, Matt Geiszler

Page 8

Coober Pedy's biggest afternoon tea

Local ambo featured in BWT Times magazine

Page 11

Saints Funding

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