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June 21, 2007


Page 1

Inspirational Watoto

Max Reid Jailed (1)

Page 2

Max Reid Jailed (2)

Page 3

Opal Alliance Secures $50,000 for Andamooka

Coober Pedy Population

One year on from the Community Campaign - where are we now?

Principal Leaving

Winter Tomatoes

Main Water Pipe Burst

Northern Country Carers Visit

Church Visit

Strategic and Community Plans Workshop

Page 4

I remember when ... Joe Seric

Page 5

From the past ... Council in Peril

Safe handling of firearms

Page 6 

Coober Pedy Saints - Leroy Boland, Timmy Walker, Tod Williams, Sam Agostino, Ben Buller, Jamahl McKenzie, Mark Bell, Steve Baines,Tommy Parrott, William Boland, Kel;vin Henry, Anthony Hammer, Stephen Ikonomopoulos

Anthony Finn, Chrissy O'Toole, Maxine Marks, Janice Bailes, Tanya Rhodes, Julia Lennon, Donna Bailes, Bobby Warren Jnr., Mick Swain, Dean Walker, Kenny-Paul Lennon, Rene Marks, Cheyanne Bailes, Sophie Bailes, Bobby Warren Snr., Dinny Warren, Anthony Smith, Kylie Aitken, Deena Warren, Dharma Warren, Daylah Warren, Casey Bailes, Clinton Woodforde, Dougie Finn

Page 7

David Halkias, Diana, Matthew and Judah Tindal, Marina Crisa, Melissa Georgianoudis, Leana Crisa, Peter (Whale) Burns, Mick Williams, Carla Burns, Dwayne Fielding, Adrian Fielding, Michael Sostaric, Shannon Lane, Kaylee Borrett, Rochelle Borrett, Montana Hall, April Grava, Jai Hall, Solly Victor, Sonja Gangell, Lyn Lamont,  Donna Lamb,  Jo Tappin, Caitlin Kerr, John Duncan, Colin Clackers Clark, Paul Reynolds, Murray Whitehead, Doug Illich, Warwick Middleton, Peter Tauber, Peter Hansen, Steve Staines, Dave Spargo, Alex Parker, Jo and Michael Corlett, David Corlett, Ken Rosewarne, Ken Male, Chris Hartland, Phil deGraaf, Rudi Pflacher.

Page 8

CPMA gets quorum

Page 11

Desert Cave/Opal Inn Opal Classic and Desert Ambrose

Tour de Heart

Coober Pedy vs Andamooka

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