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July 5, 2007


Page 1

Les Hoad Retiring

Western Plains and Sapex securities price hike

Page 2

2006 Census Profile of Coober Pedy

The two sides of the minerals boom

Page 3

The Big Miner

Prominent Hill visit

Police Briefs

Page 4

Council Page

Page 6 

Hannah Underwood, Anna and Ellah Blatchford, Macauley and Sebastian Clark, Jai Hall, Prudie Clark and Abby, Jayden Watts and Kasey, Raphaela and Isabella Crisa, Montanna Hall,Tanya Lauder, Shandor Nemes, Analyn McCormack and Belinda, Josh Underwood, Robyn Clark, Alexsandar Gavedarica, Mirjana Alavija, Sino Cucuk, Tyson Tippett, Tim Underwood, Emily Sirbescu, Dylan Orvad, Shakiel Tippett, Dylan Roche, Jeremiah Bannington, Jaren and Wade Shelton, Sandy Jeffree and Casey.

Page 7

Gavin Re3id, Natalie Giles, Mandy Tuthill, Bill Cunningham, Kevin O'Toole, Michael Brown, Angela Hackenberger, Dennis O'Toole, Ben Pollard, Jonathon Lyrtzis, Lucas Herbert, Grant Riches, Kathryn Moif, Tiffany Miller, Constable James Baker, Chris Lees, Tayer Comer, Lyn Dougherty, Royce Cooper, Ken Rosewarne, Ian Heath, Phil Gerschwitz, Zoe and Nicola Crisa, Dalial and Maida Berovic

Page 8

TAFE opal cutting course

Coober Pedy Tafe future secure

Page 11

Major Mining Company News

From the Gallery ... DCCP June meeting

Lions Trash and Treasure

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Crossword, Target word

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Church meeting times








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