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September 27, 2007


Page 1

Oil and Gas Exploration (pic - Andrew Andrejewskis) Sapex MD visits Coober Pedy and William Creek re Arckaringa Basin Petroleum Exploration Lease proposals for seismic survey and drilling

Junior night soccer (pic - Eric Krieg, Carmelo Crisa) Lions Club candelabra presentation

Two weddings in two weeks (pics - Tegan Clohesy and Paul Kiosses, Trent Skipper and Georgina Ikonomopoulos)

Page 2

Oil and Gas Exploration on pastoral leases Lambina, Welbourn Hill, Todmorden, Wintinna, Evelyn Downs, Arckaringa (including Coorikiana), Allandale (including Toondina, Toondina East), Mount Willoughby, Mount Barry, Nilpinna, Anna Creek (including The Peak), Mabel Creek, Mount Clarence, Commonwealth Hill (including Mobella, Pt Commonwealth Hill, Pt McDouall Creek, Pt Mulgathing, Pt Woorong Downs), Bulgunnia, Ingomar (including Lake Wirrida), Mount Penrhyn, McDouall Peak (including Belta Beltana South), Billa Kalina, Millers Creek, Stuarts Creek, Mt Eba, Bon Bon, Wilgena (including North Well). Native Title Claims Yankunytjatjara/Antakirinja, Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara, Arabunna People’s.

Page 3

Peculiar Knob News Western Plains 132 person camp, Wirrida siding,, Port of Whyalla, Capesize vessels, Buzzard, Hawks Nest, MARP

Oxiana Oval Arch in place Darren Zechner, Trevor Gus Guthridge

Dog baiting again on North-west Ridge Sgt Jeff Page comment

Lions club assists local clubs in many ways (pic - Eric Krieg, Paul Haugen, Suzi and Carmelo Crisa, Ross Chatfield, Geoff Sykes, Kingsley Smith)

Quotes Mike Maylin. Historical Society speaker.

Page 4

YAC to receive FaCSIA grant  Angela Patzel-Hall (pic -  Richelle Borrett, Mitchell Harris, Layne Borrett, Joel Hendy, Anna Tsakiridis, Sophie Reynolds, Vashti Kiely-Kavanagh, Karma Kiely-Kavanagh, Zoe Crisa, Eilish Kiely-Kavanagh, Stacey Mibus, Isabella Crisa, Kylie Borrett, Kim Hebberman, Tom Smith.)

Causes of recent power failures explained by CEO Trevor McLeod

  Page 5

Tidbits Mack truck, Mark Hoobin, Terry Clark, Albert McCormack, Michael Rosewarne, Darren Zechner, Glenn Boyd, Damien Clark, Graeme Norton,Phil Van Poorten, Susan Lee, Mark Bell, Roger Boland, Richie Blobel

Address by S/Sgt M Weaver and Sgt J Page address DCCP September meeting Crs Rapaic, Woon, Athanasiadis, Maylin, Mayor Baines, SAPOL, DeeMack

Health, Politics and the Federal Election - Natalie Slovachevsky

Page 6 

 Wedding for Trent and Georgina Skipper: Nick and Maxine Ikonomopoulos, Sue and John Antcliffe, Peter and Stephen Ikonomopoulos, Sanela Kapetanakis and Kristina Stefanovic, Peter Rowe, Luke Davis-Bishop, Nikki Candy, Fr Konstantinos Skoumbourdis, Gerry Lyons, Angel Akarana, ‘Uncle’ Taurva Tewhaiti Rewiti, Maya Stojkovic, Sylvia Stefanovic, Leilamarie Likouresis, Angel Akarana, Fev Simatos, Nikki Candy.

  Page 7

Rena Trouptsis, Anna Likouresis, Anna Pantelis, Yanni Papadopoulos, Effie and George Vasiliadis, Dawn and Peter Likouresis, Shaq, Leilamarie and Eldine Likouresis, Trojanka and Drago Stojkovic, Maja Stojkovic, Bradley McLeod, Patricia Dragovelic, Evana Karapetis, Duncan McLaren, Bundilee Pantelis, Nick Athanasiadis, Lois and Peter Simatos, Haimish McBain.

  Page 8

Mayor's Report Wind generator, EnGen, Andrew Mitchell. 24-hour policing, David Ridgeway MP, Terry Stevens MLC. Martin Hamilton-Smith, Waterproofing SA - Framework for Action.

Ossie's Adventures Kyra Cartwright

Page 11

Tidbits Wendy Campana, Yankalilla Council, Oodnadatta Road,, Dennis Cock, M Series Cat Grader

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club Don Nottle, Jack Burns, Phil Lewis, Ray Patek, Frank Dunno, Bev Staines, Bob Markovic, Ljubica Markovic, Bob Von Bertouch Mixed Handicap, Wendy Absalom, Mijo Markovic.  

Page 12 

Junior footy looking up in Coober Pedy Chris Butler, SANFL, Oodnadatta, APY Lands, Active After School Program

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club (pic - Phil Lewis, Bev Staines) Jack Burns, John Dale, Colin Maclean, Peter Lane, Wendy Absalom, Lubica Markovic, Don Nottle, Bev Staines, Layne Borrett, Frank Dunno, Mijo, Bob Markovic, Phil Lewis, Ray Patek.

Looking Back (pics - Soccer at United Club, Amy Reynolds kicks a neat sideways pass. Looking on – Adam Napier, Layne Borrett, Mark Bell, Jai Burns, Jack Burns, Alex Pantelis, Julian Crisa, Robbie Crisa. Saints vs Roxby, Leaping Leroy Boland and William Boland. Soccer training night at United Club, Katina Georgianoudis, Kelsey Reynolds, Deahna Reissen, Ellen Wong, Kylie Vidos.

Auskick breakup (pic - Ethyn Nicholls, Wade Shelton, Corey Edwards, Tyson Tippet, Andy Cucek (Coach), Garry Orvad (Coach), Jamie Jeffree, Simo Cucek, DylanOrvad, Jaron Shelton, Jaelee Holland, Alyssa Cabrera, Jake Aulich, Ethan Holland, Dylan Roasch, Shakiel Tippet,  Casey Jeffree.Absent: Sebastian Clark, Ben Raines, Ben Kissling, Jai Hall, Isaiah Fielding, Nicky and Emily Sirbescu, Taki Hawea, Nicola Crisa, Michael Sostaric-Blatchford, Corby Borrett, Robert OToole, Keith OToole, Francis Williams, Roy Murray, Douglas Waye, Jarrod Lennon, Brandon Lennon

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