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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Page 1

'Super conference' held in Coober Pedy - Gemmological Association of Australia (Photos: Paul Heithersay, Gramt Hamid,

Emmanuel Fritsch, Tay Thye Sun, Terry Coldham,Vanessa Reid, Howard Kennedy, Stuart Reid, Christina Chung, Janice Kennedy.)

Tragic Death - Imran Zilic.

Happy Customer - Aboriginal Family Support Services (Photo: Dylan Williams)

Page 2

Tragic Death cont.

Page 3

Umoona Childcare celebrates 28 years

Hutchison Street Works - Water Pipe and Paving


Launch of Safe Pathways Program

Rowan Ramsey responds to Federal Budget decisions

  Page 4

Australian wool - still the best and in demand: Mulesing (Hon. Tony Burke MP Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)

Child Sexual Abuse - John Wiseman, The Australian.

Coober Pedy welcomes Solar Power Station (Solar Systems - Graeme Pollock)

Letter - Leukaemia Foundation

Page 5

Telemetry brings huge water savings - Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre's WaterSmart TM  (Mt Ive, Monkira Station's) 

Gambling Awareness Week (Photo: Brett Trueman)

Bowen caught asleep at the wheel with diesel tax increase on transport industry - Minister for Consumer Affairs Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Business Development Luke Hartsuyker.

Salvation Army to launch 'Virtual Doorknock'

  Page 6 

Dr Ernest Kamitakahara and his wife Ruth – daughters Rebecca and Hannah, Mayor Steve Baines, Lillian Fatt, Chris Durdin, Dr Kami, Trish Turner, Ruth Kamitakahara, Susan Radeka, Anzac Day Marchers– ‘Old Jimmy’, Nick Dimitropoulos, Tony Pramataris, Mick (Brownie) Browne, James Blundell, Ken (Legs) Ledgard, Dave Bowman, John (Budha) Martini, Andy McDougall, Max Hedley, Scott McBain, Bill Hartley, Patrick McMahon, All except James Blundell, Scott McBain and Patrick McMahon served in Vietnam, in 7 Platoon, Charlie Company, 5RAR, Father ‘CJ’, Anzac Day Dawn Service prayers, Two Up, Birthday girls April Grava and Gerri Prizzi

   Page 7  

David Heiderich, Rod Brightman, Chair, Board of Studies and Education, Eleanor (Federal Secretary) and Colin Sanders, WA, Kathryn Wyatt, Publicity, Carole St John, Chris Holdsworth - Federal Treasurer, Dennis Grambas, Ronnie Bauer, Nicole Suhrbier, Katrina Marchiini, Dennus Grambas, Kathryn Kovacs, Mark Grau, Lisa Shultz, Janis Frost (NSW), Ann and John Hill, Rob Mannella, Marie Cunningham (SA), Sima Garfield (VIC), Amanda Mitchell (SA), Don Bennett, John and Noeleen Meszaros, Fanny and Kwok Cheng (VIC), Jack Townsend, SA President, (formerly of  PIRSA, retired)

Page 8

Building a science of desert living

Page 11

Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club Round 2 Eclectic Leader Board (Photos: Mijo Markovic, Kim Kelly.

 Page 12

Saints thrashed by OD in round 3 - 

(Photos:  It always looked like there were three OD players to every Saint player - if Shayne Nelson could have gained possession despite Dion McKenna, he would have been gobbled up by Steven Chapman and Shaun Freeth, Ryleigh Myles managed to take the mark against the efforts of Shayne Nelson and Andrew Dingaman. Nigel Shinnick ready to crumb, Jack Burns in the mix. Photo by Kristina Meredith, Roxby Downs Sun, Tristam Wildy couldn’t stop Dion McKenna getting his kick, Zaaheer McKenzie spoiled by Paul Trotta and Dale Summerton)


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