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Word search Coober Pedy News Vol 3 No 2, August 27,  2009

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Lake Phillipson Coal Exploration project looking to get ASX listing

The image (adaption of image published by PrimaryIndustries and Resources SA) is used by permission of
PIRSA, which supplies the information in good faith; PIRSA isnot liable for any incorrect information supplied.

The South Australia Coal Company (SACC), holder of EL3386, south of Coober Pedy, owns 100% of the Lake Phillipson exploration projects, which include a coal deposit and is also prospective for other minerals. SACC is a subsidiary of Felix Resources Limited, an independent ASX-listed coal producer with four operating mines and (Cont. on page 2)

Page 2 Coober Pedy News     27 August  2009

Lake Phillipson Coal Exploration Project (Cont. from page1)

exploration interests in New South Wales and Queensland.
In a recent letter to its shareholders, Felix said, 
"Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (Yanzhou), a publicly traded coal mining company that is listed in Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai, has proposed to acquire all of your shares in Felix Resources Limited (Felix) via a scheme of arrangement (Offer). 
Under the terms of the Offer, Felix shareholders will receive: 
* A$16.95 per share in cash from Yanzhou; 
* Cash dividend of A$1.00 per share from Felix, including A$0.50 per share fully franked ordinary dividend with a record date of 15 Oct. 2009 and payable on 30 October 2009 and a A$0.50 per share dividend conditional on the approval of the scheme, which is expected to be fully franked; 
* An in-specie distribution of shares in South Australia Coal Company (SACC), with coal and mineral exploration assets in South Australia, which will have a cash backing for its future operation (A$0.05 per share)."
Felix also announced that it is proposed that SACC will be demerged via an in-specie distribution of shares to all Felix shareholders in proportion to their existing shareholding. In addition to the exploration assets SACC will retain A$10 million in cash at the time it is demerged. 
SACC is expected to seek an ASX listing following the proposed demerger.

Brian Flannery, Managing Director of the Brisbane Head Office of Felix Resources Limited told the Coober Pedy News in May 2009 that, "Felix Resources is conducting geological investigations involving geophysical work, geochemical work and drilling.
We are investigating the northern area of EL3386 for mineralisation.
It is early days of the program.
We are also testing coal from the southern part of the EL to look for ways of upgrading this coal."



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Page 3 Coober Pedy News   27 August  2009

Cliff Ferrallís 100th Birthday Celebrations

Cliff's nephew Ron Ferrall and his wife Laura came from Queensland.

Birthday wishes from The Queen

Above: Yvonne Morland and Merilyn Fisher. Left: Nursing and Aged Care staff Zoe Pollard, Lyn Lamont, Desrey Jones, Vicki Litfin

Page 4 Coober Pedy News    27 August  2009

Straight Talk with Lyn Breuer

I think spring is on its way, it really has been very pleasant weather recently, although there is a lot of hay fever, and the flu is still hanging around. Remember to be careful, and see your doctor if you have flu symptoms.

I was very pleased with the allocation of money to the Giles electorate in the recent announcements from Minister John Hill, on the 2009 - 2011 Health Minor Works Proposed Projects for Country South Australia.

Health Minister John Hill has announced details of more than $11 million to be spent on upgrading hospitals and improving services in country South Australia.

This is part of the Governmentís commitment to expanding and improving country health services in SA.

 Improving facilities and services in country SA will mean more people can receive treatment closer to their homes and reduces the need for some people to travel to Adelaide for health services.

This money will go towards improvements in infrastructure at South Australiaís country hospitals including upgrades to emergency departments, establishing and expanding renal services and upgrading air conditioning systems.

These upgrades mean people using our country hospitals will continue to receive the best possible care available and provide the best possible working environment for staff.

All of this also helps attract and retain health professionals in rural South Australia, and we all know how difficult this is for our communities.

We received over 1.5 million dollars including $10,000 for Coober Pedy, $73,000 for Cowell, $11,000 for Hawker, $22,000 for Marla, $900,000 for Oodnadatta, $40,000 for Roxby Downs and $535, 000 for Whyalla.

I have been visiting some of our Health Advisory Committees in recent weeks and had some interesting discussions on their roles in relation to our hospitals. They are there to provide a link between our communities and SA Country Health and the Minister and have an important role. I am really pleased to see people volunteering their time and energy to the HACS, and thank them for their contributions, they are much appreciated.

I was also pleased to see that the Federal Government has granted money to a number of our remote airstrips and facilities in Giles. Much needed improvements will now proceed following the approval of funding from the Federal Governmentís Remote Aerodrome Safety Program (RASP).

This will help to maintain access to air services such as essential supplies, mail, passenger transport and medical care like that provided by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This is particularly important where road access is unavailable, unreliable or disrupted for extended periods.

Umuwa, Mimilli and Kenmore Park in the APY Lands, Kimba, Marla and Hawker were all given grants in Giles.

I was really pleased to see that William Creek was given $2.2 million to re-sheet and seal the runway, taxiway and apron and install lighting.

Because of the water in Lake Eyre, there has been a phenomenal increase in tourists in the north this year, especially William Creek. The local residents have been fundraising for years to improve their facilities, so it is good to see the Government has come to the Party. William Creek is a great place to visit and the locals are very friendly and look after you well.

The outback is looking really beautiful and the wildflowers are coming out.

Because we have had a break in parliament, I have used the time to do some longer trips around my electorate and visit constituents, so I have had a chance to see the land. Itís well worth the trips, we live in a beautiful country.

I was pleased to spend some time in Coober Pedy and caught up with a lot of people and groups. I was concerned however at how many people were crook with the flu.

Thatís all for this week, please feel free to contact my office with your enquiries any time.

Page 5 Coober Pedy News    27 August  2009

Coober Pedy Races

Cup winner Kingston Seaís co-owner/trainer Dion Khan and 
jockey Garry Birchmore

Clydine Carboni and her Fancy Dress hat

Debra Brown from Pt Augusta and granddaughter Shaquanah Brown

Ryan Rankine, Pettie Moore, Sharon Rankine, Eddie Rankine, Rachel Hilder

Jessie Debnam-Dodd from Lyndhurst, and Windy

Paul and Heather Evans - Adelaide, John Stillwell - Ceduna, Digby Giles - Wintinna, Craig Trowbridge - Ceduna

Mowab Frank - Ernabella, Richard Wilton - Roxby Downs
Paul Burke 

Mowab Frank - Ernabella, Richard Wilton - Roxby Downs

Fred Radman
Elton Kunari ftrom Indulkana
Anthony (John-John) Brady and Kristy Strangways from Pt Augusta, and Tarquin and Sahara

Page 6 Coober Pedy News    27 August  2009

1st & 2nd Semi Finals, 22nd August 2009

Roxby Districts 18 - 11, 119 def Coober Pedy 10 - 8, 68.

Best players for Roxby: J Watson, J Telfer, T Roberts, J Pyke, C Kenny. 
Goals: B Wray, T Roberts, I McBey 4; R Prosser 3; C Rainsford, S Kaminski, J Telfer 1.
Best players for Coober Pedy: J Burns, S Tsakiridis, Z McKenzie, M Grava, B Buller.
Goals B Buller, M Rapaic, Z McKenzie 2; R Adams, M Grava, J Burns, A Dingaman 1. 

Olympic Dam 14 - 10, 94 def Hornridge 9 - 10. 64.

Best players for OD: M Bunnet, D Vanzati, R Summerton, R Saracino, D Moyse.
Best players for Hornridge: M Blackie, W Giles, W Monfries, B Grimston, A Heuskes.
Goals: A Heuskes 4; D Male 2; W Giles, M Blackie, D Smith 1. 


Matthew chapter 12 verse 36:
You can be sure that on Judgement Day everyone will have to give account of every useless word he has ever spoken.

Page 7 Coober Pedy News    2 September 2009

Bonjour. Our grandfathers were fishermen and worked the opal, gold mines.
We are interested in information from the miners for our 'Walkabout' next year.
Miners can write: Suzanne, Brenda or Sue, 532 Montreal Rd # 440, Ottowa, Ontario,
Canada KIK 4R4



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