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Down to Erth B&B a Winner .Alex and Rose Morgan, Down to Erth proprietors

Local accommodation supplier Down to Erth B&B has taken out the State award for the most Unique & Unusual Accommodation category in the third annual TakeABreak.com.au Awards.
The awards recognise properties who have provided outstanding product and exceptional service in their individual categories. 
They are selected from over 13,000 properties listed on the site, with shortlisted candidates having guest ratings of 4/5 or better. 
18 categories were judged in total with Down to Erth B&B being named the overall State winner in the 2009 category (Unique & Unusual Accommodation) 

New Opal Festival Coordinator

Kevin Holland has been engaged by the Coober Pedy Retail Business & Tourism Association (CPRB&TA) as the 2010 Opal Festival Coordinator, as announced by DCCP delegate to the association, Cr Paul Athasaniadis, at the DCCP October meeting.

Kevin and wife Cassandra and son Brodie moved to Coober Pedy last October.
Kevin works for IMX Resources and is a corporate member of the CPRB&TA as a Director of Ausorex Pty Ltd.
He is looking forward to the challenge of coordinating the Opal Festival and will be seeking sponsorship for the Festival very shortly.



Page 2 Coober Pedy News    21 October 2009

OZ Minerals, September Quarter Report Highlights, Prominent Hill

Q3 production up on previous quarter. 

>Production and costs on schedule to meet guidance for the year (guidance narrowed). 

>Ramp-up related issues impacting mining and plant availability for the current quarter resolved. 

>Plant anticipated to reach name plate capacity in Q4. 

>Feasibility study progressing well and now due for completion Q1

>Regional exploration at Prominent Hill identifying Prominent Hill- style systems.

Photo from OZ Minerals website

Western Plains Hawks Nest Update
Western Plains Resources Ltd (ASX: WPG) met with senior representatives of the Commonwealth Departments of Defence and Resources, Energy and Tourism in Canberra on 9 October at Defence's invitation. 
The meeting was convened in order for Defence to give WPG further insight into its reasons for its purported vetoing of WPG's magnetite joint venture with WISCO at Hawks Nest as set out in WPG's ASX announcement of 23 September and for WPG to provide further information about the possible scale and scope of mining if it proceeds. 
Defence explained its concerns in relation to safety, operational and national security issues associated with exploration and mining at Hawks Nest and in the wider Woomera Prohibited Area more generally. WPG reiterated its belief that Defence's legitimate safety and operational concerns could be mitigated by simple protocols that WPG would agree to, and that Defence's national security concerns could be accommodated by the measures already embedded in the transaction documents between WISCO and WPG and by those that have been subsequently suggested by WPG to Defence, and others which the joint venture may be able to implement. 
Defence further indicated that the Commonwealth's decision in relation to the WISCO joint venture and further exploration and mining at Hawks Nest would be taken on a whole-of-government basis and not just by Defence acting unilaterally as appears to have been the case to date. 
The parties agreed to hold further meetings, in order to map out the way forward. WPG does not know how long this process will take before a conclusion is reached. 
Separately, WPG met with a visiting high level WISCO delegation early
last week. WISCO's representatives stressed their strong commitment to continue to cooperate constructively and patiently with WPG so that this important joint venture can proceed.
WISCO further stressed its willingness to consider reasonable changes to the joint venture's structure and documentation in order to accommodate the Commonwealth's concerns. 

Photo: RC drilling at Hawks Nest


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Page 3 Coober Pedy News    21 October 2009

IMX - Cairn Hill - Chairmanís Letter to shareholders - extracts

The past 12 months have been challenging for both our Industry as well as our Company.
The impact of the global financial crisis impacted adversely on the demand of our products resulting in a significant reduction in world commodity prices. This in turn had an adverse impact on our Company's ability to conclude the financing, to advance, the development of the Cairn Hill project. At this time last year our Company was at an advanced stage of negotiation with a number of financial institutions to conclude a financing package, all which were withdrawn following the onset of the financial crisis. Notwithstanding this back-drop, our Company maintains a strong asset base and is poised to benefit from improved market conditions.
Although there has been a significant rebound in demand, since the start of the calendar year, the gains in US$ commodity prices have been more than offset by the increase in the value of the A$ versus all major currencies. 
Despite the volatility of the external environment our Company is well positioned financially, with cash at bank and a steadily improving external environment for funding.
During the 2009 financial year we continued to advance our Cairn Hill magnetite - copper - gold project with all the site approvals received. During the year our Company spent $9.2million on development and infrastructure, of this an amount of $1.6million related to infrastructure incurred on the original option of shipping through Darwin.
As was reported earlier in the year, Port of Adelaide was chosen as the preferred shipping port as it is $36 million cheaper in terms of capital costs and marginally more expensive in terms of operating costs, after accounting for the rebate by shipping through Darwin. This latter amount of $1.6million has now been written off. At this stage the most significant infrastructure works outstanding prior to commencement of trucking and railing ore is the installation of the rail hardware at the Rankin Dam loading loop on the Adelaide - Darwin railway line. Our Company is now in a position to be able to commence shipping 4 months after the licence to allow shipping from Port Adelaide is granted, subject to the completion of financing for the balance of the startup and working capital. At time of writing we are in discussions with three potential investors.
In addition our Company continues to liaise closely with Jilin Tonghua Iron & Steel (Group) Mining Co Ltd ("Tonghua Mining") on the Cairn Hill project and to endeavour to establish a close long term relationship, building on the HOA and sales offtake contract signed with Tonghua Mining.

Haul road underpass under Stuart Highway - photo from IMX website

Page 4 Coober Pedy News    21 October 2009


An ETS is Simply the Wrong Policy - Senator Cory Bernardi
Australia faces one of the most important policy debates in recent memory.
Unfortunately the scrutiny and implications for our nation of Labor's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) have been lost amid Coalition leadership ructions and a lack of critical inquiry by many involved in the political process.
The CPRS is a misnamed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) that sets a limit on the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in Australia and allows the purchase and sale of the right to make these emissions. Basically, companies and industry will be forced to pay for the carbon dioxide emissions they produce.
At first blush, it sounds reasonable and even logical as a means of reducing the newly defined 'dangerous gas' that is necessary for life on this planet.
Labor's CPRS is a pig of a policy and while the Coalition moving amendments will undoubtedly improve it, no amount of lipstick will disguise the fact that it is still a pig.
However, it is not just Labor's CPRS that is flawed. The very notion of any form of ETS as a means of addressing the political demands for decreasing CO2 emissions needs to be reviewed.
An ETS is a new form of tax that introduces a cumbersome bureaucracy and a corruptible quasi-market mechanism. It transfers massive amounts of wealth from the productive area of the economy to an already bloated and inefficient government.
This new tax will increase the costs for every small business as the flow on effects are passed through the economy.
These increased business costs will then be passed on to every consumer in Australia through higher prices for power, food and transport. In fact, the price of everything you purchase, use or consume will be affected by the introduction of an ETS.
Simply put, an ETS is like a Goods and Services Tax without any upper limit on the amount that can be levied. Once that is understood, it becomes clear why the Rudd Government prefers their new tax be known by the misleading title of a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
An ETS will be a burden on all Australians but a boon to the very financial market traders that Kevin Rudd has recently blamed for destroying the world economy. They will be able to manipulate a relatively small market, forcing prices ever higher as they seek to profit from your increased tax burden.
Even George Soros, the billionaire leftist and global financier of environmental causes, thinks an ETS is a bad policy response to climate change.
Supporters of an ETS also make a great deal of the 'certainty' for industry that an ETS provides. Left unchallenged, this sounds plausible, but once again, when subject to greater scrutiny it becomes clear this is an empty argument.
Consider for a moment the failed ETS operating in the European Union. Not only has it been ineffective in reducing CO2 emissions, but permits have varied in price twenty fold in only a few years. This is hardly the certainty and stability for industry claimed by the advocates of this pernicious new tax.
So why are some Australian politicians intent on implementing a form of ETS?
Well, the answer is surprisingly simple and will do little to quash the public's already growing cynicism toward politicians. Put bluntly, it is too confusing for most people to understand.
The complexity associated with how an ETS operates means most people don't 'get' it. Critical analysis has been vague, the detail is confusing and as I mentioned earlier, at first glance it appears logical. That makes it easy for people to set aside any serious thought about its operational implications.
Imagine the outcry though if, instead of a CPRS, the scheme was described as a new multi billion dollar tax on industry. I am sure that would get a little more attention and enjoy even less popular support than the CPRS currently does.
Another problem (among the many) with an ETS is the inability to 'unscramble the egg' when it is identified as an expensive and failed policy experiment. Once in place, it will be too hard to undo. After only a few years, billions of dollars will have been invested in this new scheme giving rise to property rights that cannot realistically be taken away.
In addition, government will have become addicted to the increased tax receipts, and consumers will have realised too late that they have been duped into accepting a flawed policy solution implemented for 'their own good'.
I entered Parliament with five key principles that continue to drive my policy contribution. I am an advocate for smaller government, lower taxation, free enterprise, families and our traditional values.
An ETS is a policy solution that violates every single one of those principles. It is a policy that will not achieve its objectives. It will engorge government, damage our domestic industry, result in tens of thousands of Australian jobs being lost and place additional cost pressures on every family.
It is time we reconsidered the wisdom of introducing an ETS in any form as a means of achieving a reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide.
An ETS is a disingenuous smokescreen that masks the true implications of a carbon dioxide tax on our nation. The fact that it won't make any difference to our climate is another inconvenient truth advocates are hoping you won't notice.


Page 5 Coober Pedy News    21 October 2009

Arckaringa Basin - Heavy Mineral Sands
(From diatreme.com.au)

Diatreme has a number of exploration licences and applications in the Arckaringa Basin of South Australia. The licences are located in the north-central region of South Australia around the margin of the Basin and approximately 150km north and north-west of Coober Pedy. 15 licences are included within the project, seven of which are granted. The Company proposes to conduct drilling for mineral sands and coal within the tenements following initial reconnaissance.
Previous exploration within the licence areas is limited to the construction of numerous seismic lines in the mid-eighties by Comalco Ltd and the completion of a regional program of stratigraphic mineral exploration holes (coal as primary target) along the seismic lines around the same time. A number of deeper oil exploration drill holes were completed by Comalco Ltd (around EL4113) in 1984.
The potential for heavy mineral sands has not been explored by historical drilling across the Company's licence areas.
Drilling over granted licences will commence once the Company receives approval from all relevant statutory authorities.

Photo Below:
Capped drill holes at Hawks Nest,
around 120 km south of Coober Pedy, in the Woomera Prohibited Area

Page 6 Coober Pedy News    21 October 2009


2 positions
Coober Pedy, Roxby Downs
(In accordance with FFNDGP's EBA)

The Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice is seeking to employ a full time Mental Health Worker at Roxby Downs and one at Coober Pedy. The Shared Care with General Practitioners program enables you to apply your mental health clinical skills in an environment that will promote a holistic approach to health care.
The clinicians will provide services and support to GPs, with the assistance of other mental health providers, to enhance the health and mental health outcomes of the target group amongst the most disadvantaged populations, and in Coober Pedy specifically the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander community. We are interested in hearing from mental health clinicians with qualifications in Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and Psychology. 

Essential minimum requirements: Degree in relevant Mental Health Discipline (Psychology, Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work), or evidence of recent study with a view to obtaining qualifications. Knowledge and experience in counselling and Cognitive Behavioral therapy and interventions. 

Contact the Division for a copy of the job description on 8642 3166 or by email to andrea.triggs@flindiv.com.au.

Applications close November 6th 2009

Aboriginal Health Worker
Coober Pedy
(In accordance with FFNDGP's EBA)
The Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice is seeking to employ a full-time Aboriginal Health Worker at Coober Pedy. An Aboriginal Health Worker is a person who through education and experience is able to effectively work with Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal Health Worker will assist patients in accessing the mental health services being provided through the program. This includes, but is not limited to the Aboriginal Heath Worker providing culturally appropriate counselling. The Aboriginal Health Worker will be invaluable in assisting with the provision of culturally appropriate services, and ensuring the delivery of the Rural & Remote Areas Mental Health Funding program and services in Coober Pedy and surrounds (Mintabie and Oodnadatta)
This position will work closely, and under limited direction from the Youth Mental Health Worker and Mental Health Clinician. 

Essential minimum requirements: Certificate III (Aboriginal Primary Health Care) or equivalent. 

Contact the Division for a copy of the job description on 8642 3166 or by email to andrea.triggs@flindiv.com.au.

Applications close November 6th 2009



Page 7 Coober Pedy News    14 October 2009


Sunday 4th October started out a glorious day for golf. The sun was shining and not a sign of wind anywhere. After about three holes Chris commented that it would be nice if there was a little breeze blowing, just to cool us down a little. The gods must have heard her as the day developed into another windy day making golfing once again a challenge. We even managed a few drops of rain as some black clouds scurried across the sky but as usual the rain decided to fall all around but not too much on Coober Pedy. 
Several teams partook of the competition and all enjoyed themselves. Our team came in thinking we had done fairly well as did the other teams but the team who won was Mijo, Frank and John with a score of 61.7 closely followed by Rob, Ljubica and Bob on 62. Not much in it.
Well golfers dust off those clubs as we still have a couple events to go this year ie Ambroses and Stablefords plus on 8th November there is the President's Trophy to be won. On the 18th October there is the playoff for the 18 Hole Handicap between Bob Markovic and Bev Staines. Good luck to you both. 

Mijo Markovic, Frank Dunno and John Ciganek

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