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Western Plains Quarterly activities report
December quarter 2009
. MOU agreement signed with Flinders Ports Pty Ltd for the export of iron ore from Peculiar Knob through Port Pirie or Port Adelaide.
. Execution of a compensation agreement with a pastoral leaseholder for the construction of the Peculiar Knob haul road and other mine infrastructure.
. An independent review of the metallurgical data from Peculiar Knob has confirmed the attractive market characteristics of the saleable products, and particularly the fines fraction.
. A further drilling program has been designed for Peculiar Knob and this work will be undertaken early in 2010.
. WPG has set a goal of having Peculiar Knob fully permitted and financed so that a commitment to project development can be taken early in H2 2010.
. The drilling program to better outline the Penrhyn coal deposit has been designed and it will also be undertaken early in 2010.
. WISCO has agreed to a further three months extension to the period in which all conditions precedent for the Hawks Nest magnetite joint venture must be obtained, and the Department of Defence has extended WPG’s Hawks Nest access agreement for a further two month period.
. WPG understands the Commonwealth’s review of the conditions under which future exploration and mining can be undertaken inside the Woomera Prohibited Area will be finalised early in 2010.
. WPG has withdrawn from the Commonwealth Hill farm-in and joint venture.







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Time to Dump the IPCC 
by Senator Cory Bernardi

When any public organisation is exposed as being incompetent and deceptive, thereby destroying any semblance of credibility, it needs to be disbanded.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is one such body. 
The so-called authoritative voice for climate change, used by the global warming alarmists to justify their hysterical claims, has been caught relying on flawed documents, dodgy data and fanciful science to try and change the world.
Many of us have suspected for some time that the IPCC was pursuing a political agenda rather than being a dispassionate provider of information. However, few suspected the astonishing scale of the campaign by members of the IPCC to further the alarmist cause.
Clearly, these are people who don't allow the facts to get in the way of their opinion. Alarmists have claimed that the IPCC reports were the conclusion of over 2500 climate scientists. The fact that only a handful of scientists contributed to the climate change section was conveniently overlooked.
Climate realists have had the words 'peer-reviewed' thrust in their face by the alarmists and used to stifle debate or to denigrate dissenters. Now it turns out that 'peer-reviewed' and 'factual' can apply to nonsense taken from virtually any source that agrees with the IPCC agenda.
Take for example the great Himalayan glacier melting hoax. According to the IPCC, these glaciers could disappear by 2035. The alarmists went wild stating it was almost too late to save the world. They ignored the fact that this claim was never made by the scientist it was attributed to, although it was used by the chairman of the IPCC to justify a massive research grant to his own organisation.
What about the rise in natural disasters that would occur due to global warming?
You may recall that this IPCC claim was used by African nations to demand $100 billion in compensation during the Copenhagen climate conference in December last year.
The fact that it was based on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny didn't worry the IPCC who knew the link could not be proved - but failed to tell anyone else.
Perhaps they were hoping to further humiliate Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong who clearly failed to investigate the more extreme claims before trying to impose a great green tax on the Australian people. the IPCC who knew the link could not be proved - but failed to tell anyone else.
Perhaps they were hoping to further humiliate Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong who clearly failed to investigate the more extreme claims before trying to impose a great green tax on the Australian people.
There are also the 'climate experts' who have withheld information, been 'creative' in its presentation and tried to shut down any dissent from their apocryphal cries. These are just some of the IPCC contributors whose methods are now subject to parliamentary and potential criminal investigation.
Well enough is enough. It's time for the increasingly discredited IPCC to be replaced by a competent, clinical and dispassionate assessment of the facts surrounding climate change rather than the left-wing extreme environmental agenda the IPCC has pushed for the past decade.
At least the truth is coming out before it is too late to save the world from the IPCC and their acolytes.






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Feature - continued from last week

Coober Pedy - a great place to live, a great place to visit. Sometimes one needs to spend time away from home to appreciate how great home is. This feature sets out to provide a comparison between the town of Coober Pedy and Caloocan City, Metro Manilla, Philippines. 
In Coober Pedy you will not find a single signboard anywhere in the town displaying the name of the Mayor, but in Caloocan, Major RECOM ECHIVERRI’s political propaganda is everywhere, (including his logo) even in the concrete footpaths - outside the shopping centres, in the City Agricultural Centre, on the fences, on the police vehicles, on the uniforms of Caloocan city officials.






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Caloocan City Mayor Recom Echiverri features on the front entrance to the city north extension Police Station.  Sign in the grounds of Caloocan City Hall North
 Caloocan City Traffic Supervisor’s ID





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Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice
Supporting Rural Medicine

Give your child the healthiest start to 2010 with immunisation

Parents of children starting kindy and school this year are being encouraged by the Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice to ensure the four year old vaccinations are up to date.
The four year old vaccinations protect children from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, mumps, measles and rubella which are commonly forgotten.
"In the community when there is a lack of disease it is very common for people to get complacent and the immunisation rates for these diseases drop, which is very worrying," said Dr Manoj George, Medical Director of the Flinders & Far North Division of General Practice.
These diseases are painful and in some cases can lead to death and permanent disability.
Last year the rates of four year old immunisation significantly dropped leaving thousands of children exposed to the threat of preventable disease.
"With the outbreak of whooping cough last year general practices within the area kept seeing young children with it, when it could have been prevented through vaccination.
"This year the threat of whooping cough is still very real as is Pandemic H1N1 2009 (swine flu) and parents are encouraged to speak with their local general practice about immunising their children as they return to kindy and school," said Dr George.
General Practitioners and Practice Nurses are the best source for parents with vaccination questions.
"Getting children immunised against swine flu in particular is something that we encourage as we are anticipating a second wave of the influenza starting as early as Feb. The vaccine for all children over the age of 6 month is now available," said Dr George.
He also said that Immunisation plays an import role in protecting the health of individuals and the entire community. Completing the childhood immunisation program will ensure all children in the Flinders & Far North Division are protected. 
For more information please phone Therese McCourt, Immunisation Co-ordinator or Dr George Medical Director at the Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice on 86423166





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Do you feel THIS welcome when you go to the DCCP ?

Luke Chapter 11, verse 23:
“Anyone who is not for me is really against me; anyone who does not help me gather is really scattering.”


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