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Peculiar Knob Drilling Program Completed
Western Plains Resources advises that the drilling program that commenced on 6 February at the Peculiar Knob DSO iron ore project 90 km south-east of Coober Pedy has been completed.
The program consisted of five large diameter PQ cored holes (diamond drill holes - core size 85.0mm, hole size 122.6mm) and five RC percussion holes for a total of 1,498 metres.
Good intersections of massive high grade specular haematite were made in the diamond holes as follows:
PK-106 79.54 - 96.68m
PK-107 45.62 - 75.02m, 77.02 - 101.24m
PK-108 33.8 - 39.16m, 43.87 - 58.87m, 122.04 - 159.98m
PK-109 52.66 - 71.89m
PK-110 84.3 - 97.3m 104.7 - 138.83m
The mineralized core will be dispatched to the laboratory in Perth for assay and metallurgical testwork over the next few days.
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From the issue of 17 February until further notice, the Coober Pedy News is being produced in the Philippines. All communication during this time is by email, and if necessary, moblie phone +639392895534 in the Philippines.

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Peculiar Knob Drilling Program Completed (Cont. from page 1)
The RC holes were drilled to test for extensions to the mail mineralized zone across an interpreted fault zone at the north eastern extremity of the orebody. Narrow zones of high grade mineralization were intersected in the initial two holes as set out in the Company's announcement of 18 February and were followed up with three further RC holes. Narrow zones of massive haematite were also intersected in each of these follow-up holes. Summary assay results for the two initial holes are set out here:

Health services in Giles 'not really an issue'?

Candidate for Giles, Chad Oldfield said, ”The Rann Government has made its feelings on the provision of country health services clear with Health Minister John Hill believing admittance for emergency treatment in the regions was 'not really an issue'.
He said John Hill's comments showed how out of touch the Rann Government was after eight years.
"The Rann Government has tried to downgrade and close country hospitals, refusing to recognise that hospitals are the heart of regional communities," Mr Oldfield said. 
"In addition to stripping local communities of control of their local hospital by removing individual boards, the Rann Government now believes country people don't have a problem accessing emergency medical services.
"This is in stark contrast to the opinions of the people of Giles who approach me and tell me they are worried about the lack of access to health services in the area.
"The Rann Government has neglected the health needs of regional South Australia and Minister Hill's comments show he refuses to even acknowledge country people are concerned about the government's attempts to downgrade their health services.
"Premier Rann's immediate agreement to Prime Minister Rudd's federal takeover of hospitals should also worry regional South Australians.
"Under Rudd's plan - in which hospitals have to meet 'efficiency' targets - the future of smaller country hospitals will be threatened.
"The Liberals however have committed $75 million to improving country health services. 
"The only way to secure the future of Giles' hospitals is to elect an Isobel Redmond Government.
"A priority of a Redmond Liberal Government will be to reinstate country hospital boards so local communities can make decisions about the health services they need and use."

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Opinion - Senator Cory Bernardi 

A radical and dangerous change was proposed for Australia this week. A prominent Muslim leader called for parts of Islamic law (sharia) to be legally recognised in Australia.
The President of the Australian Islamic Mission, Zachariah Matthews, was speaking at what appears to be the heart of Islamic Fundamentalism in Australia, the Lakemba Mosque, last Saturday.
The Lakemba Mosque has been the forum for a number of speakers advocating or defending radical actions which does little to quash claims that some attendees are linked to the Taliban and Hamas terrorist groups.
Few Australians will forget Sheik Hilaly's 'uncovered meat' defence of those convicted of the gang rape of a young Australian woman.
More recently, the conviction and sentencing of five men under Australian terror laws was ridiculed by a Lakemba mosque leader who made claims of bias and an anti - Islam 'hysteria' that would damage Australia's international reputation.
Well, nothing would damage Australia's international reputation, way of life and culture more than the introduction of sharia law.
We have a legal system that works perfectly well. It is built on common sense and the common good. It has shaped our values and our culture and is constructed in accordance with our Judeo-Christian heritage.
It now appears that some Australians don't want to live within our laws. They want their own special rules - initially regarding family law and inheritance. It sounds innocent enough until you examine what has happened in other western nations where sharia law operates as a virtual parallel legal system.
In some cases, domestic violence claims have resulted in husbands being asked to take anger management classes rather than more appropriate sentencing. Sons are regularly favoured over daughters in inheritance disputes and some child custody matters can be determined solely by the father. Men can initiate and finalise divorce via text message
At its most extreme, sharia operates in a number of nations where homosexuality, blasphemy and adultery are punishable by death.
The European Court of Human Rights has determined that 'sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy'.
On that basis alone sharia has no place in Australia - now or in the future.




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