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Aliya Zilic mentally incompetent to 
commit murder, judge finds
From the AdelaideNow Report by Jordanna Schriever, Court Reporter, and http://www.abc.net.au, March 26
THE father who killed his son and threw his body down a Coober Pedy mine shaft has been found not guilty of murder due to mental incompetence. 
But Aliya Zilic will be held in custody indefinitely under a mental health supervision order. 
Justice Margaret Nyland handed down the decision in the Supreme Court this morning.
Zilic had been charged with the murder of Imran Zilic, 3, at Coober Pedy between April 20-24, 2008.
During a trial by judge alone, prosecutor Jim Pearce told the court last year that Zilic was a drug addict and schizophrenic who believed his ex wife, Mirsada Halilovic, was "working for the devil" and "possessed by demons".
The court heard Zilic told police he believed his son to be in the hands of God.
"(Zilic) said Allah's name and dropped him in a shaft," Mr Pearce said.
The boy's body was found in a disused drill hole 47km south of Coober Pedy after a police search across WA, the Northern Territory and SA. 
His throat had been cut with a knife.
The court heard police were able to locate Imran's body after Zilic drew a map and provided some directions.
Prosecutors alleged Zilic had travelled from Coober Pedy to Perth in April last year, arriving to pick up his son about 6am on April 20. They alleged he then returned to Coober Pedy, stopping along the way including at Penong, near Ceduna, where a hotel proprietor described Imran as "hysterical".

Zilic is then alleged to have attended a doctor's appointment at Coober Pedy hospital on April 22nd, when he was prescribed an anti-psychotic medication.
"The killing has to have taken place sometime on either the 22nd or 23rd, bearing in mind (Zilic) left Coober Pedy on the 23rd," Mr Pearce said. 
He said police found a washed steak knife in the kitchen drawer at Zilic's one-bedroom unit in Coober Pedy that had a DNA match to that of his son. He said other forensic evidence, including blood in Zilic's car, also linked him to the killing. 
Zilic was arrested in the West Australian town of Kununurra on May 1 last year, after travelling to Alice Springs and Katherine, both in the Northern Territory.
Mr Pearce told the court three psychiatrists had provided reports indicating Zilic was motivated by paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the murder.
The court had been told that Zilic had religiously-motivated hallucinations and heard voices telling him how to act.
The prosecution had told the judge Zilic believed his estranged wife was working for the devil and that his son was the devil's helper.
A psychiatrist gave evidence that Zilic had stopped taking his anti-psychotic medication.
Justice Margaret Nyland ruled that the objective elements of the crime of murder had been met, but the father was mentally incompetent.

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Equine influenza decision unjustified
In a media release on 25 March Australia’s peak veterinary body the Australian Veterinary Association has urged the federal government to reverse its decision allowing voluntary vaccination against the equine influenza (EI) virus.
“We completely oppose this decision to allow vaccination when there’s no outbreak,” said President of the Australian Veterinary Association, Dr Mark Lawrie.
“There can be no justification for this decision on scientific, economic or practical grounds.
“All inquiries into vaccination against EI have indicated that it is an expensive option, which would have a negative impact on the way that the Australian horse industry operates.
“The government’s approach won’t prevent an outbreak and it won’t save jobs. If there is an outbreak, vaccination will only delay detection.
“Vaccinated horses will still need to be subject to movement standstill because they can still spread the disease
“In order to ensure long term security for the industry there needs to be a proper emergency disease funding arrangement for the horse industry. This is important because the threat to the industry is bigger than EI – a funding agreement will deal with any horse diseases that might affect the industry,” said Dr Lawrie.

IMX & Sichuan Taifeng Amend HOA To Accelerate Cairn Hill Development
Resources developer, IMX Resources Limited (ASX:IXR) is pleased to announce it has reached agreement with Sichuan Taifeng (Taifeng) to amend the Heads of Agreement (HOA) (ASX announcement 4 January 2010) in order to accelerate the development of the Cairn Hill Phase 1 magnetite - copper - gold project to mitigate the Australian
regulatory approval delays and capitalise on a strong market outlook and a committed customer.
The major amendments to the HOA are:
Taifeng and IMX have agreed to waive the approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) of the investment by Taifeng into Outback Iron Pty Ltd (Outback Iron) as a condition precedent to the subscription of shares by Taifeng in IMX;
Taifeng has agreed to subscribe for the maximum number of shares available without FIRB approval cons quently. Taifeng will initially subscribe for 30.08m shares at a price of 48.4c per share to raise A$14,558,720, thus giving Taifeng a 13.0% shareholding in IMX; 
The repayment period of the loan of A$7m to Outback Iron by Taifeng has been extended from 12 months to 18 months. On FIRB approval the loan will convert into equity in Outback Iron.
Once the accelerated funding of $14.6m is received from Taifeng, IMX will continue to development of the Cairn Hill Phase 1 project. It is anticipated that the first shipment of ore will take place in August 2010.
Update on Status of Sichuan Taifeng FIRB Application
The board of IMX Resources Limited (IMX) have been informed by Sichuan Taifeng that the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) has issued an interim order which extends for up to an additional 90 days the period of review.
While it is extremely disappointing, IMX and Sichuan Taifeng have been discussing interim funding solutions to expedite the development of the Cairn Hill Phase 1 magnetite - copper - gold project to mitigate the Australian regulatory approval delays and capitalise on a strong market outlook and a committed customer.

Psalm 103 vs 1-5:
Praise the Lord, my soul! 
All my being, praise his holy name! 
Praise the Lord, my soul and do not forget how kind he is. 
He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. 
He keeps me from the grave and blesses me with love and mercy. He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.



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