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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Vol. 3 No. 35

Western Plains Resources June Quarterly Report Highlights

Three key contracts have been awarded as part of the process leading to the

development of the Peculiar Knob mine, and another contract is now out to

tender. Preferred tender status has been awarded for transhipment

operations, is close for rail operations, and proposals received from other

logistics chain contractors are under review. Other tenders and contracts will

proceed in an orderly manner during the current quarter.

Agreements have been signed with Flinders Ports Pty Ltd that give WPG

access to Port Pirie for exports of iron ore and coal for up to 30 years.

MOUs have been signed with customers for the sale of ore from Peculiar

Knob. WPG has little doubt that the first five years production will be fully

committed to a diverse group of customers in several countries before

construction commences.

Results from the metallurgical testwork on Peculiar Knob core drilled earlier

this year are starting to be received and are now being assessed.

WPG’s strategy of having Peculiar Knob fully permitted and financed so that

a commitment to project development can be taken in H2 2010, with sales to

commence in H2 2011, is on track.

Coal quality analyses from the drilling program at Penrhyn earlier this year

are to hand, and confirm the project’s potential as a large tonnage, low ash

coal possibly suitable for power station use or upgrading using clean coal

technology. The Company’s coal portfolio now consists of four projects,

including a new application at Lochiel North south of Port Pirie.

WPG has prepared a detailed 150 page submission to the Commonwealth

Government’s review of the Woomera Prohibited Area that

will be lodged before the closing date of 7 August 2010.

Peculiar Knob Tenement Locations and Proposed Infrastructure

Seeking re-election

Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey visited Coober Pedy.

Rowan Ramsey MP (right), Trevor McLeod - DCCP CEO and Mike Maylin - DCCP Deputy Mayor



ROUND 14, 24th July 2010


Roxby Districts 6 goals 12 behinds 48 points defeated Andamooka 5 goals 7 behinds 37 points


Best players for Roxby Districts 1st J Orr 2nd S Crafter King 3rd S Kaminski 4th R Prosser

5th J Anatasopolus

Goal scorers for RD J Watson 3 goals R Prosser 2 goals J Rose 1 goal


Best players for Andamooka 1st A Schiller 2nd D Vanzati 3rd T Ripley 4th M Bunnett 5th R Kraack

Goal scorers T Paull 2 goals A Moss L Alder W Milera 1 goal each


Olympic Dam 21 goals 17 behinds 143 points defeated Coober Pedy 7 goals 9 behinds 51 points


Best players for OD 1st S Peek 2nd C Green 3rd D Webb 4th D Rogers 5th S Montgomerie

Goal scorers S Montgomerie 5 goals S Peek D Webb 3 goals each M Darrie J Arnall D McKenna W Ingerson C Green D Moyse C Taylor S Holbrook Z Petty D Rogers 1 goal each


CP best players and goal scorers are unavailable.

              Your Town Your Song

Australian towns have been well-documented in songs over the decades - Road to

Gundagai, Tenterfield Saddler, Texas QLD 4385 - and in the lead up to the 2011

Tamworth Country Music Festival, ABC Radio is inviting Australians to pen a song

about their town.


Your Town, Your Song is a national competition calling for lyrics that capture the

essence of listeners' home towns. The winning entry will be given star treatment

with Golden Guitar winners Ian Quinn creating a melody and Felicity Urquhart

recording the song, which will be broadcast across ABC Radio.

The winning lyricist and a friend will kick up their heels at the 2011 Tamworth

Country Music Festival, with flights, three nights' accommodation and selected

tickets (including seats at the Golden Guitar Awards) all taken care of.   The

winner will also be special guest at an exclusive ABC Radio concert during the

Festival, where Saturday Night Country's Felicity Urquhart will perform the song for

the first time live onstage.

The competition launches on August 2 and runs through to September 30, with the

winning entry announced in November.

For more information on how to enter the competition go to





Everyday somewhere in the world families are torn apart without a second's notice,
by war, armed conflict and disaster. For some, as they run for their lives without a
moment to look back, it is the last time they will be with the people they love
most; for the fortunate ones, perhaps decades later, they will meet again.
August marks Missing Persons Week (1 to 7 August 2010) - a reminder of the hundreds
of thousands of people who are right now searching for missing loved ones. August 30
is another significant day for the world's missing, International Day of the
Australian Red Cross' International Tracing Service works to uncover the fate of the
missing and attempts to reconnect families. Tracing, which uses Red Cross contacts
and resources in more than 180 countries, works to restore links between families
who have been ripped apart by armed conflict, war and disaster. Red Cross' mandate
of neutrality and impartiality helps Tracing caseworkers access information in even
the most difficult circumstances.
We hear heartbreaking stories from people who have fled war-ravaged countries, where
children have been taken from their parents at gunpoint and husbands have
disappeared on their way to work.
The distress of separation and the uncertainty of not knowing if your loved ones are
even alive can be devastating and debilitating. Separated families can suffer
feelings of grief, isolation and helplessness.
Tracing provides comfort to broken-hearted parents and children, and a flicker of
hope for reunification. About two-thirds of our cases are resolved - over the past
2 months we re-established contact for 198 families - though sadly the news is not
always good. There are many more missing out there.
Currently we are working with around 1,000 people searching for almost 4,000
relatives scattered in countries all over the world. Our searches and our clients
reflect the unrest and instability around the world, today and historically.
Among our case files in Australia over the past 12 months most people were searching
for missing relatives in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, Poland and the Democratic
Republic of the Congo. Most of the inquiries we had from overseas concerned people
searching for relatives who came to Australia as a result of WWII, from countries
including Hungary, Croatia and Ukraine.
Everyday our caseworkers across Australia, with Red Cross staff around the world,
continue the search for the missing. You can help support work reconnecting families
separated by war, conflict or disaster by making a donation to Australian Red Cross.
For more information visit www.redcross.org.au<http://www.redcross.org.au/> or call
1800 811 700.
Robert Tickner
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Red Cross






 2 Corinthians Ch. 4, vs 16 & 17(Backpackers Bible): 

"We never give up. Our bodies are gradually dying, but we ourselves are being made stronger each day. These little troubles are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make all our troubles seem like nothing.  "


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