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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Vol. 3 No. 40

OZ Minerals Wins South Australian Training Award

As part of the South Australian Government Training Awards, OZ Minerals has taken out the 'Training Initiative Award'.

OZ Minerals was recognized for the Prominent Hill Pre-employment Training Program (PEP) and other initiatives related to indigenous training and employment.

The current Pre-Employment Program, the sixth, includes participants from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, most of whom have never had full time employment or worked in the mining industry.

With support from OZ Minerals staff, nineteen students from the APY Lands are participating in nationally accredited TAFE modules; Certificate 1, Resources and Infrastructure - Operations and Certificate 2, Metaliferous Mining and Operations - Open Cut. 

Successful graduates, who reach specified criteria in relation to health and fitness, will be offered employment at OZ Minerals Prominent Hill mine.

The 2009 pre-employment program involved the local Antakarinja community and was very successful, placing seven people in full time employment.

OZ Minerals has previously run five pre-employment programs, in which 42 local and regional people were trained, over 30 of whom are still employed on-site at Prominent Hill.

The South Australian Training Awards are the peak State awards for vocational education and training (VET), recognising innovation and excellence in the training sector.

The awards aim to recognise organizations and individuals for their efforts and achievements. They also aim to raise the profile of skills and reward businesses and organisations for innovative approaches to training that help to develop industries and workforces.

As a winner of the SA Award, Prominent Hill is automatically entered into the National Australian Training Awards held in Sydney in  November this year.


SBR champions green haulage for IMX Resources

 By Anna Game-Lopata | September 7, 2010 on http://www.supplychainreview.com.au

Specialised Bulk Rail (SBR), a new company founded by SCT Logistics will be the first rail operator in Australia to run locomotives on B20 biodiesel when it begins iron ore haulage for IMX Resources in October.

B20 biodiesel is 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent mineral diesel. It is the maximum level of biodiesel mandated for use in Australia.

Officially entering the bulk rail haulage market for the first time, SBR will run 4 fuel efficient 4500HP AC locomotives for the 900 kilometre journey between IMX’s Cairn Hill mine, 55km south-east of Coober Pedy in South Australia and Port Adelaide.

The rail link between the mine and Adelaide is around 900 km long.

It is expected that SBR will use approximately 8 million litres per year the resulting greenhouse gas savings will be almost 2,300 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Stage one of the IMX contract is expected to bring in over $150 million in revenue for SBR. With the roll out of stage two a further $300 million will be generated.

The company says it has the capability to move up to 2 million tonne of iron ore each year.

According to IMX Resources Managing Director Duncan McBain, the Cairn Hill project will be the first in Australia to demonstrate the viability of using B20 biodiesel from the mining operation right through to the loading of the ore into the vessels for export in Adelaide.

“The commitment by our service contract providers to the best environmental outcome has been exceptional,” McBain says.

IMX will provide the B20 biodiesel for the use on site by Exact Mining Services mining, drill and blast, crushing, off road haulage and rail loading services.

At full production, IMX expects to use approximately 6 million litres per year. All the B20 biodiesel supplied to IMX and its supply partners will be provided by Logicoil.

DP World Adelaide, who will provide the logistics at Port Adelaide and load the vessels, has recently signed with Logicoil for the supply of biodiesel.

“Tankers transporting the biodiesel to the Cairn Hill mine will also run on B20 biodiesel consuming 100,000 litres per year,” McBain says.

In total the Cairn Hill pit to port solution will use approximately 15.6 million litres per year for a saving of 2,294 tonnes CO2 per annum.

McBain says in addition to environmental benefits, there are important import substitution and balance of payment advantages to sourcing the biodiesel locally.

Emails to the Editor
Hello sir

my name is Hadas Gruper and I'm from Israel. almost 3 years ago I travelled in India with a man called Andy Fyfe, he lives in Coober Pedy and told me many stories about your town.

I kind of lost touch with Andy since I left India. I was looking for him via Internet like Facebook and Google and all I found was his name in your paper in an article from last September.

Can you please help my to find Andy? Do you know of any way I can find his address or e-mail?

I know it's strange request. But I'd appreciate it if you can unite old friends.

Thank you so much,


Tel aviv




Editor’s Note: This is the article, from Coober Pedy News September 2, 2009:


This year’s Mail Medalist is Daniel Rogers from Olympic Dam on 30 points.
Tied runner up Scott Montgomerie of Olympic Dam and Damien Smith of Hornridge on 22 points.
Under 21 winner was Cody Kenny of Roxby Dists on 21 points
Leading goal kicker Scott Montgomerie from Olympic Dam on 34 goals
Golden Whistle award went to Andrew Fyfe
Umpires encouragement award Shaun King





Dear Editor;
What news we have this week. We have had two arrested over ecstasy and cannabis in a shoe, police targetting drink/drug driving on rural roads in the far north and Whyalla regions (such operations have been done in the Riverland, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands and Fleurieu Peninsula areas)and just days later a report from the Australian Medical Journal said that nearly 20 percent of meth and ecstasy users who arrived in the emergency room, showed signs of brain damage, and most had concentration and mood problems.
Meanwhile, the Corrections Minister said Port Augusta will take on young offenders in a highly disciplined program (media dubbed Boot Camp) with drug testing concurrent to help them become rehabilitated. No doubt alchol and drugs play a major role, if not dominating role in youth crime. And the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council announced handling homeless would not work without greater address to alcohol and drug prevention. 
All eyes turn to this subject and my group, Drug Free Ambassadors Australia has been working hard on this since 1993. Originally founded by the Church of Scientology and incorporated as a tax deductible charity in 2005, Drug Free Ambassadors Australia
has promoted a Just Say KNOW campaign, working with fantastic volunteers and help and encouragement from the community, we make Truth about Drugs materials freely available. We want parents, youth and community groups to know about this so they can do what they do best: Help. For more info, please see www.drugsalvage.org.au and
you can even download free materials from the site.

Cyrus Brooks
Drug Free Ambassadors Australia
ph 0428 755 244
PO Box 33 Broadway NSW 2007

Life  -  Marriage and Family  -  Freedom

The Canberra Declaration is a call to our national leaders to protect life, defend marriage, support family, secure our religious freedom and safe guard our children. The values listed in the Canberra Declaration are under threat!  They are being attacked and undermined on many fronts, by dedicated and devoted enemies. The Canberra Declaration was drafted by a number of Christian leaders from many denominations with a heart for the nation and was released on 23 July 2010.

The Canberra Declaration will:

Awaken a greater awareness of the issues Australians face.
Encourage prayer and action to address these issues.
Unify the Christian community to make a stand for Christian values.
Educate the Christian community to enable it to defend Christian values.
Equip by sharing resources for the greater good of the whole community

The elements in the Canberra Declaration concern religious freedom, marriage and family and life. They are timeless principles, relevant both for Australia’s short-term and long-term future.

The authors of this document commend the Canberra Declaration to you for your careful consideration and support.




Grand final 4th Sept 2010

Roxby Districts 13 goals 7 behinds 85 points defeated Olympic Dam 2 goals 6 behinds 18 points

Best players for Roxby 1st R Prosser 2nd J Rose 3rd B Chesson 4th J Telfer 5th D Hannon

Goal scorers R Prosser 6 goals J Telfer 2 goals D Hannon I McBey K Zeptner S Kaminski

T Roberts 1 goal each 

Best players for OD 1st C Taylour 2nd D McKenna 3rd T Hornhardt 4th M Darrie 5th D Moyse

Goal scorers S Montgomerie M Darrie 1 goals each

Vision Radio is broadcasting in Coober Pedy South Australia on 87.6 FM

Western Plains Resources Ltd advises that at their August 2010 General Meeting, the resolution to change the name of the company to WPG Resources Ltd was passed by a show of hands.




 2 Corinthians Ch. 13, vs 5 (Backpackers Bible): 

"Test yourselves and find out if you really are true in your faith. If you pass the test, you will discover that Christ is living in you. But if Christ isn't living in you, you have failed."

Church Meeting Times
: Catacomb (Anglican) Sunday 9.30am; Catholic Saturday 6.30pm Sunday 10am; Coober Pedy Revival Fellowship Sunday 10.15 am, 7 pm Wed 7.30 pm; Coober Pedy Brethren Sunday 10am;
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