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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Vol. 3 No. 55 

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Sue Burtenshaw eyes return to school

·  Candice Keller, Education Reporter

·  From The Advertiser

·  December 21, 2010


FORMER Coober Pedy Area School principal Sue Burtenshaw could return to the school if she wins an appeal.

But the school will start 2011 with another principal appointed for Term 1 while the matter is resolved.

The Education Department cannot appoint a permanent replacement until the appeal is settled.

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled Ms Burtenshaw could continue with her appeal through the Teachers Appeal Board, after the department sought clarification on whether her challenge could be heard by the board.

Ms Burtenshaw has appealed against the disciplinary decision of former chief executive Chris Robinson, and also the separate decision to transfer her, which was handed down in July.

She was put on "special leave" in January so the department could investigate concerns raised by parents and the community about the principal's alleged unreasonable disciplinary action and abrasive behaviour.

The Education Department will now face the Teachers Appeal Board. "A principal has been appointed (to the area school) for Term 1, and term-by-term appointments of that principal will be made until the outcome of the appeal is known," a department spokeswoman said.

At the time of Ms Burtenshaw's transfer, Mr Robinson - who has since been sacked by Education Minister Jay Weatherill - said it was not disciplinary action but in the best interest of the school community that the principal did not return.

Coober Pedy Area School principal Sue Burtenshaw at Victoria Square in Adelaide. Picture: Coker Dylan



Senator Cory Bernardi today rejected Keysar Trad’s criticism of Premier Baillieu’s decision to protect Christmas celebrations in state schools.


Mr Trad was reported as saying, ‘When the Premier of the state makes a statement in that matter, one can’t help but feel that he is giving an official stamp to one religion to the exclusion of the other.’


“Celebrating Christmas is a tradition that reflects the beliefs and principles that our country was founded on, as well as the values that still inform Australian society today,” Senator Bernardi said.


“The last Census revealed that over 60 per cent of Australians identified themselves as Christian.


“This is just another provocative statement from an Islamic fundamentalist. There is no room for Keysar Trad’s version of Islam in Australia.


“This is a man who was denounced by a Supreme Court judge as ‘racist’, ‘offensive’ and ‘untruthful’ and that he held views that were ‘entirely repugnant’ to Australians.


“The judge also said that Mr Trad ‘incites acts of violence, incites racist attitudes, is dangerous and perhaps most significantly is a disgraceful individual.’


“The fact that Mr Trad’s extremist views go unchallenged by the Muslim community does a disservice to many Muslims in Australia and the overwhelming majority of Australians who find his extremist views highly offensive.


“Many schools already teach children about other cultures and religions. Yet that is not enough for Mr Trad, who berates the Premier for defending our traditions and demands special holidays. What’s next?


“Mr Trad is treading the well worn path of Islamic fundamentalists in other western nations who have sought to undermine the value and culture of their host country while making ambit claims about freedoms and equality so they can advance the fundamentalist Islamic cause.


“There is nothing free or equal about Mr Trad’s Islamic vision which defends the stoning of women for adultery, condones suicide bombers and the use of children as martyrs.


“Mr Trad is allowed freedom of speech. The Muslim community too should exercise this right and condemn Mr Trad’s extremist views while dismissing his provocative and fundamentalist beliefs as having no place in Australia.”

 Snaefell Iron Ore Resource Drilling Confirms Continuity of Magnetite Mineralisation


Iron ore producer, IMX Resources Limited announced on 17 December that analytical results from the initial 6 RC drill holes completed at the wholly owned Snaefell iron ore prospect have confirmed the width, grade and continuity of the target magnetite mineralisation. The Snaefell iron ore prospect is located approximately 12km southwest of the IMX Cairn Hill magnetite-copper-gold mine, and forms part of the IMX Mt Woods Fe Project 50 km south east of Coober Pedy.

In October a 17 hole, 5,000m RC resource drilling programme commenced at the Snaefell. To date 16 holes for a total of 3,542m have been drilled; with the balance of the programme expected to be completed in Q1 2011. The Snaefell iron prospect is interpreted to have a strike length of more than 3km and a vertical depth extent of at least 250m. The RC programme is designed to define a JORC mineral resource at the Snaefell “Core Area”, where an exploration target tonnage of 70-100Mt grading 28-35% Fe was estimated over an 800m strike length in 2009. An additional 200-300Mt target of similar grade is interpreted to exist along strike of the core area but is not currently being tested (ASX: November 11 2009). 

The resource drilling intersected wide intervals of 72 to 103m of magnetite mineralisation averaging between 27 and 33% Fe in holes SFRC004 to SFRC009 (Table 1). The mineralisation remains open at depth with holes SFRC005, SRFC006 and SFRC009 ending in mineralisation at 230m downhole depth. These results confirm the exploration target tonnage mineralisation model used to plan the drilling.

Detailed metallurgical testwork indicates that up to 40% of the mass of the ROM ore could be rejected after crushing by dry magnetic separation. This is very encouraging as it would significantly reduce the size of any grinding circuit required. Wet LIMS magnetic separation at a P80 of 150 microns could produce a 66% Fe magnetite concentrate. As with Cairn Hill, the Snaefell magnetite appears to be relatively coarse grained which has the potential for a lower capital and operating cost project.

Once the resource RC drilling has been completed and all laboratory results received, a JORC mineral resource will be prepared. A diamond drilling metallurgical programme is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2011 to confirm the preliminary metallurgical test results as the first phase of a planned pre-feasibility study.

Snaefell is located within the Kangaroo Dam licence which is part of the IMX Mt Woods Project in South Australia. The licence is subject to a JV with OZ Minerals Ltd (ASX: April 13 2010) whereby IMX retains 100% of the iron ore rights and OZ Minerals is earning the non-iron ore rights.



Matthew Ch 11, vs 28 & 29 (New King James Bible):

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