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Thank You, Lord is the story of how the government stole Gary Atkins’ children after his wife left him. He lost his life’s earnings when a mortgagor sold him up. Although alone and homeless, God comforted him. The Bible inspired Atkins to fight back to eventually become reunited with his children and regain financial stability.
Letter to the Editor: PARENTS RIGHT TO BE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN'S FUTURE As a parent of four school-age children, I'm fed up. We parents need to be vigilant that schools don't push something on our kids without our knowledge. The radical gender theory of Safe Schools has not disappeared. SA Labor want kids' attendance at traditional Australian celebrations of Christmas or Easter to be 'opt in' yet all their ideological experiments are secretive - if not mandatory. If we make the financial sacrifice to send our kids to a non-government school with strong values, Labor and the Greens attack that choice too. Labor and the Greens want the state to raise and indoctrinate your kids in 'politically correct' values from the earliest possible age. It's time to make a stand for your parental rights and family values. Rikki LambertAngaston, SAAustralian Conservative Party SA senate candidate Rikki LambertConservative Party SA Senate candidate 0407176632

Established 2002

10 October 2018 Vol. 5 No. 3

  Volume 5 of the Coober Pedy News is dedicated to:

  1. the Repeal of the Family Law Act 1975, the Australian act of parliament, which,   like its counterparts in other Western countries, through its concept of ‘no-fault divorce’, allows adultery, and does not call adulterers to account; 

  2. the enactment of a law which would allow divorce on one ground only – adultery – which, of course, would have to be proved; 

  3. the Repeal of any law which does not support marriage as being between a man and a woman, voluntarily entered into for life; 

  4. the enactment of laws which would support marriage, by bringing to account spouses who behave in a manner which threatens the stability of the marriage relationship, eg adultery, desertion, refusal to consummate a marriage, habitual cruelty, rape, sodomy, bestiality, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment, lack of reasonable means of support, attempt to murder, violence; 

  5. the enactment of a law which would allow married couples to separate, in difficult times, with a view to being either reconciled, or remaining single and celebate.


"The divorce revolution has unleashed a trail of social destruction and devastation. And the Family Courts have done their bit to decimate fatherhood. The Family Law Act and all that goes with it has done so much damage to so many that the best thing may be to simply put it out of its misery, and start afresh."

Christian Today Thursday 13 September 2018 'The War on Fatherhood'

According to Wikipedia, 'no-fault divorce' came into law first in Russia, in 1917.
"The first modern no-fault divorce law was enacted in Russia in December 1917 following the October Revolution of the same year. Regarding marriage as a bourgeois institution, the new government transferred divorce jurisdiction from the Russian Orthodox Church to the state courts, which could grant it on application of either spouse."

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Part I Section (1) deals with the Repeal of the Matrimonial Causes Act

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Part VI Division 1 Section 28 (a) Adultery, the number one Ground for Dissolution of Marriage



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