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Mr Andrew Collett, Council Assisting "Children in State Care Inquiry" spoke to the District Council about the work he is undertaking in Coober Pedy and Oodnadatta in regard to the sexual abuse of Children in State Care.


Nearly did it

Coober Pedy Saints wrestled  the lead from Olympic Dam, the top team in the Woomera and Districts Football League, in the last quarter of their home match.

 But OD took it back and held it at the final blast from the compressed air can, with fast flowing handballs by their little men, who force fed OD's forward line.


'Exciting' Reports

No doubt Finance Manager Damien Clark was tongue in cheek when he said he would present his 'exciting' reports. Not even Cr Blobel, always looking to inject asides, took the opportunity to bang one in. 

But Cr Rapaic shot one at Cr Blobel later on. It happened after Cr Blobel hinted that he could make comments on the matter of the petition presented by Natalie Slovachevsky if political correctness did not prevail. She said he would have his opportunity when the community forum is held. Cr Blobel said he couldn't even do it then. Cr Rapaic said words to the effect that Cr Blobel might as well shut up then.

Delegate Reports

Mr Clark told the council that the library (at the school) was now open to the public again. 

Cr Maylin said that next year's Opal Symposium would be held during the week preceding the Opal Festival.


'Brevity, the soul of wit'

Despite the mayor's whimsical request to 'slow down', a recess had to be called at 7.40, lasting until 8, the advertised time for the public to address the council, because all business that could be done at that stage had been done. Perhaps the mayor wanted to make sure that the record for the shortest council meeting - 51 minutes in March 2004 - would not be broken. 

Always one for economy of time, Deputy Mayor Mike Maylin's response was, "It's 8 o'clock somewhere in the world isn't it?"

(Mr Maylin was the chairman of the 51 minute meeting. )

 The mayor was not able to 'coax' a Question Without Notice from Cr Rapaic.

The meeting ended up lasting  85 minutes.

Archived copy

Petition Presented to Local Council

Of 11 people in the public gallery at the June meeting of the District Council of Coober Pedy 9 were locals in support of the petition of people concerned with anti-social behaviour in the main street. 

The petition signatures (1009) were presented to the council. Other copies will be presented to State MP Lyn Breuer and Federal member Barry Wakelin.
Mayor Steve Baines accepted the petition on behalf of the council and said that the council fully supports the efforts of the petitioners and is pleased that the public has made this move. He also said that a letter, countersigned by the mayors of Port Augusta and Ceduna, has been sent by the council to the Liquor Licensing Committee, requesting that additional power be given to local police to decant, and confiscate alcohol being consumed in the Dry Area of the town. No reply has yet been received.

Oxiana Oval Change Rooms Contract Let

The District Council of Coober Pedy awarded the contract for the provision of labour and consumables associated with the construction of the multi-purpose change room facility at Oxiana Oval to Mt Evelyn Homes (Mr Geoff Sykes) for an amount not exceeding $35,000 based upon the principal concept design as presented to the council, with the purchase and payment of all other project materials, sub-contractors and costs being undertaken and borne by the council, to a value not exceeding $122,747.

Geoff Sykes lifting the roof off his 'doll house'

From the Mayor's Report

"The CEO and I continue to assist the Coober Pedy Regional Times in their endeavour to identify the options available to them in keeping the newspaper existing and viable. The CPRT are struggling in a number of areas at present, the least being financial. We have strongly suggested to the CPRT's committee that a public consultation process needs to be undertaken, and if required I have offered to host a public meeting in an attempt to keep the community informed." -  Steve Baines.

A public meeting has been advertised for July 16

Motions Passed (according to the unconfirmed Council minutes)

Bad Debts Written Off

"That Council write-off bad debts totalling $41,224.87 as detailed in the report of the Finance and Administration Manage to Council dated 20th June 2006."

Fire Damage Revaluation Rate Review, Lot 461 Brewster Street

'That no remission of any fines and interest be made on outstanding rates due prior to the revaluation of the property undertaken in March 2006."

  Lot 6 Garden Centre write off fines and interest

"That Council advise Mr Athanasiadis that it will waive fines and interest accrued during the 2005/2006 financial year however the original resolution of Council not to waive fines and interest on rates incurred prior to the current financial year would stand."

Coober Pedy Amateur Racing Club Inc. Community Donation

"That Council approves a community donation for the Coober Pedy Amateur Racing Club Inc. for assistance with the 2006 Coober Pedy Race Weekend in the order of $2,150 being $350 cash for trophy sponsorship and $1,800 in-kind support."

REX Head Tax Waive

"That the District Council of Coober Pedy, for the 2006/2007 Financial Year, waive the head tax on Regional Express fare types REX Net 1 and REX Saver 4 and impose a head tax of $9.00 (GST inclusive) for all other fare types."

Dog Registration Fees

"That the Dog Registration Fees for the 2006/2007 Financial Year remain the same as 2005/2006 as outlined in the 'Dog Registration Fee Schedule Proforma 2006/2007."

Skip Bins

'that Council make available a maximum of two skip bins for use by ratepayers at no cost. That the bins be dropped off on Friday and collected on Monday by the DCCP. Ratepayers are to express interest and a register is to be maintained by staff at the council administration office. That the offer be subject to revision on 1st July 2007."

From Woomera's Gibber Gabber Friday 16 June

Woomera's French Connection

Eurocopter Tiger with a Hellfire missile

By Danny Carroll SQNLDR Senior Operations Officer ARDU Flight Test Squadron

The Australian and French governments having bought Tiger helicopters are testing them jointly and sharing information. Report writing and data analysis take weeks to do. All for a few seconds of boyish fun!




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From the Adelaide Advertiser 20 June-  "..Oxiana has slated August 25 for final sign-off on its $530 million Prominent Hill copper/gold mine 120km southeast of Coober Pedy."


From the Goldstream Mining website: 

"The Board of Goldstream is pleased to announce that it has committed to move into feasibility studies for its Cairn Hill Magnetite / Copper-Gold deposit following the successful outcomes of the scoping study.

The Company’s 100% owned Cairn Hill Project is located 50km south of Coober Pedy. The project is adjacent to the Stuart Highway and 50km east of the Adelaide – Darwin railway which provides access to South Australian ports.