Coober Pedy News

No 20                                               December 13, 2002

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   under Search words: review - the dccp power station operation is under review by a review task group set up by the state government. Council management of the utility has for many weeks provided a steady, reliable supply of varied excuses for power failures, but the supply of electricity has been monotonously erratic. The volunteer managed community newspaper, the coober pedy regional times has incredulously reported that "it is unfortunate that these problems with the generators came all at once". However, ask any electricity consumer living in the town for the last 10 years and they will tell you that, despite generators giving constant problems throughout the period, electricity supply was steady and reliable until around august this year. It is interesting to note the number of resignations of power station staff in the last 14 months. final 2002 council meeting. To be held Monday December 16 4.5.7 electricity supply report to: council from: trevor mcleod, chief executive officer date: 16th December 2002 subject: electricity Supply file: GR.689 purpose of report for information and resolution report as all elected members are aware, on Wednesday 20th November 2002, serious mechanical and electrical breakdowns occurred at the power station leading to a continued series of power interruptions and threatening the operational integrity of the power station. During the evening I attended at the home of the mayor and suggested that due to the above problems, it was agreed that immediate steps should be taken to procure a backup power supply capable of generating sufficient power to supply the town of coober pedy. I had earlier that day received details from mr bill blair, energy sa, f 2 companies capable of providing such back up in the event that such a situation should occur. The mayor and I agreed that in the current emergency situation facing coober pedy at the time that the right and proper action to take was to implement steps to secure a back-up power generation supply immediately. I then contacted cummins diesel and established that they would be able to assist. I then spoke with the manager electricity supply, mr brian mooney by phone in adelaide and advised him to contact cummins and put in place a plan to obtain back-up generators immediately. Later that evening mr mooney advised me that 3 generators from pt lincoln and melbourne would be on their way within several hours. At that time the cost of aquiring the back-up generators was not known nor was it considered crucial. The main cause for was to obtain a backup power supply. On Thursday 21st November 2002, the majority of councillors were contacted either by the mayor or myself and advised of the situation. The first generator arrived late that afternoon. The other 2 generators arrived Friday afternoon 22nd November 2002. A cummins technician also arrived to oversee their installation and commissioning. As a matter of urgency I contacted the member for giles, ms lyn breuer MP, who arranged for a council delegantion to meet with appropriate ministers on Friday 22nd November 2002. The mayor, deputy mayor, manager electricity supply and myself met with the minister for energy, hon jay weaterill MP, ms breuer and government advisers, and advised of the current situation at the power station. Minister conlon advised that he would set up a project team comprising representatives from his office, energy sa, office of local government and treasury and finance to set in place a process for a detailed appraisal of the situation in coober pedy and have it report back to him with a range of options and recommendations. Consequently mr bill blair, energy sa, and mr bill pilkington, NRG flinders, contracted by energy sa to provide advice, visited coober pedy on 26th/27th november 2002. This has since been followed by a team from ETSA utilities to inspect and assess the distribution infrastructure. Councils director of finance and administration met with representatives of both the ministers office and treasury/finance on 9th December 2002 and will advise the results of those meetings. In the meantime it has become apparent that the first 3 backup generators do not have a combined total output to accommodate a peak summer load, resulting in a recent spate of power surges and other interruptions. Accordingly an additional generator has been put in place and other work has been done by cummins technicians to rectify some minor problems with transformers and engines. Both mr quartermaine and myself have discussed the generator hire cost with energy sa and accordingly the next due quarterly subsidy payment has been brought forward to facilitated payment of these costs. As the cost associated with the hire of the generator sets is unbudgeted, it is appropriate for this matter to be brought before council for ratifying. Recommendation That council endorses the decision taken by the mayor and chief executive officer to aquire backup generator sets due to the emergency power situation that occurred on 20th November 2002. jocks jokes if someone asks you for your telephone number, donít give it to them because then they will have 2 and you wont have any. A guy went into a zoo looking for work, management said the zoo chimpanzee had just died, but they had a chimp suit he could wear. And all he had to do was jump around in the cage and entertain the patrons. So he got into the suit and into the cage and started acting like a chimp. As he stung around on a big rope he noticed a hole in the bottom of the cage. The hole led to the lions cage. Every time he swung over the hole the crowd threw bananas at him. This was good - getting paid and fed at the same time. But the rope broke the next time he swung over the hole, and he fell, terrified into the lions cage. The lion moved towards him, snarling viciously. 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