Coober Pedy News

No 25                                               February 21, 2003

Archived copy



Search words: Reform rally Thirty locals attend a meeting in coober pedy It was the 13th of 26 state-wide meetings leading up to the constitutional convention in Adelaide in June 2003. The SA speaker, Peter Lewis, said that the 2% of coober pedy electors present would equate to 6000 people in Adelaide. A discussion paper was available, to do with 5 questions on SA Parliamentary and constitutional issues. Most talked about was the question of whether or not SA should have Citizen Initiated referenda. With CIR a referendum is initiated from the public. As the law now stands, referenda can only come from parliament. The public is invited to make submissions to the convention. The recommendations of the convention will be put to SA Parliament, which will decide how to act on them. (Hon Peter Lewis, Cr Harry Blobel, Mrs Malliotis, Hon Michael Atkinson A-G, Edward Radeka, Mayor Eric Malliotis, Lyn Breuer MP, Elsa Gladwin, Crystal Hauri, Cr Stan Shelton, Trevor Peek and Yannis Athanasiadis.) No quorum for council meeting The first general meeting of the dccp in 2003 has been postponed to Monday February 24 because of lack of quorum on February 17. former district council finance director ian quartermaine will stay in coober pedy after leaving local government. He will be employed at the desert cave. over half the annual average rainfall dumped in 3 days (At the top of flat hill road, At the bottom of flat hill road, Levee banks in brewster street.) Below: scan of minutes (unconfirmed) of a special council meeting held Wednesday February 5, 2003. Moved: Cr S Sheldon Seconded: Cr H Blobel SC02-03 That council authorises the manager electricity supply t initialise use of the number 5 ruston generator only, for the purpose of supplying electricity to he hospital feeder only and that the town feeder be completely isolated from the hospital feeder. Furthermore the number 5 ruston genset is not to be run in parallel with the cummins rental gensets. Council acknowledges the information provided by energy SA and etsa utilities in consideration of this resolution. Carried unanimously SC03-03 That the dccp seek from the minister of energy a letter of comfort/guarantee to enable council to obtain a loan of 2.5 million from the local government finance authority for payment of 1.3 million unbudgeted costs associated with the hire of the rental generator sets, $300.000 for a multi purpose vehicle detailed in councils 2002/2003 electricity supply budget, and the balance of $900.000 to be placed in a trust account for repairs to the distribution system outlined in the etsa utilities report dated 20th December 2002. Carried unanimously