Coober Pedy News

No 26                                           March 7, 2003

Archived copy



Search words: Interim finance director appointed 50% of councillors object to appointee in the mayors report presented to council at the February general meeting, councillors were told that a couple of people had applied for the position of manager of finance and administration. (the vacancy was caused by the sudden resignation of Ian quartermaine). Following the presentation of the report, cr baines asked if anyone had been appointed yet. Ceo trevor mcleod said that an appointment had been made, and the appointee was mr david peters. Cr baines then said that he strongly objected to the appointment of mr peters, and wanted the objection recorded in the council minutes. Cr blobel said that he also objected. The only other councillors prestent, crs vanajek and athanasiadis, did not object. Of the four councillors present, only crs baines and blobel were in office at the time of mr peters' previous employment by the district council. Mr peters commenced his second employment by the district council on Monday march 3. The position is designated 'casual'. extracts from council minutes general meeting held February 24. Works Works manger was asked to cost the hire of a kerbing machnine. Ceo and edo to investigate funding for "special conditions" road funding. Removal of bin clusters Moved: cr h blobel seconded cr s baines C06-03 That council advise residents of the following: That the bin clusters will be removed within a three month period All residents not currently owning a mgb will be required to purchase one and will be advised that bins are available from council at cost of $80,00 plus gst (as per 2002/2003 fee schedule) Public notification is to be commenced to advise of the proposed change to existing practices for collection and/or disposal of domestic/household waste A "free service" will remain. Those residents who do not avail themselves of the service will need to dispose of their domestic/household wastes at the waste depot during its published opening hours. Carried. community/environment development application from L. mathews to erect an aircraft hangar moved: cr s baines seconded: cr h blobel c07-03 that provisional development planning consent for the hangar proposed by L. mathews, at section 59 coober pedy be granted subject to the following conditions; The wall cladding and roof decking to colourbond or painted a light colour to complement the background appearance, and All roof water be collected in a rain water tank. Carried Dugouts construction policy Moved: cr s baines Seconded: cr h blobel C08-03 That pursuant to section 41 of the local government act 1999, council established a committee o be known as the dugout construction in the determination of development and provisional building rules consent by council's building surveyor. Carried moved: cr h blobel seconded: cr L vanajek c09-03 that pursuant to section 41 (3) of the local government act 1999, the dugout construction advisory committee comprise of: councillor b rapaic mr phillip lewis mr brian underwood mr frank pennisi mr darren zechner mr paul reynolds and an other person appointed to fill a vacancy that may occur on that committee. carried moved: cr L vanajek seconded: cr H blobel That pursuant to section 18 (1) of the development act 1993, council appoint: Councillor boro rapaic Mr phillip lewis Mr brian underwood Mr frank pennisi Mr darren zechner Mr paul reynolds As authorised officers for the purpose of the development act 1993. Carried security deposits moved cr L vanajek seconded: cr h blobel c15-03 That the DCCP adopts the maximum electricity security deposit amounts of up to $225 for residential and up to $975 for commercial as approved by the essential services commission of south australia and that clause d of the 2002/2003 fee schedule be amended accordingly. That the DCCP complies with clause 8 of the electricity retail code - January 2003, and clause 12 of the councils retail electricity licence in respect of matters pertaining to electricity security deposits and that clause d of the 2002/2003 fee schedule be amended to include reference to both clauses. Carried delegates reports hospital board: lynn freeman ceo chris renshaw has given notice to the board, he will be leaving on march 14th. Melinda watson, from community health will take charge while we advertise for a new ceo. The board was unable to lease the buildings next to the family practice in hutchison street for community health. The new aboriginal aged care building is almost finishe and people have started moving in. coober pedy liquor licensing accord implementation On Thursday February 27 the coober p[edy liquor licensing accord committee adopted the coober pedy liquor licensing accord document, to commence on march 10. Restrictions adopted: Take-away sales will not commence until 11am There will not be purchase of port or sherry until 3 pm Take-away sales will be completed by 10 pm the progress of the accord will be evaluated after two months, with the next committee meeting scheduled for may 7.