Coober Pedy News

No 36                                           July 25, 2003

Archived copy



Search words: Letters to Editor - The Education for Development Foundation (EDF, Thai based NGO) is looking for 400 volunteers from high school teachers in 40 countries. So we would much appreciate it if you could introduce in your media our new project "Darunee D-Pal Club" which you can visit at, for recruiting 10 volunteer high-school teachers in your country. Our mission as NGO is "Peace Building" through education. We would like to be the intermediate organization for dialogue among 400 volunteer high school teachers from 40 countries. The aim is to promote friendship by internet among high school students throughout the world. The other important part of our mission is "Poverty Reduction" through education. We would like to discuss with the participating teachers how we will be able to promote among high school students in the developed countries the concept of Education For All (EFA). It is important to persuade high school students in developed countries to participate in EFA (Education for ALL) activities aiming for poverty reduction. We strongly believe that education is a key element in helping the young people escape from the trap of poverty and that communication and knowledge sharing will lead to better understanding among different cultures of the world. Despite wars people are still looking for harmony and peace in the world. One way is to create a dialogue among people from different countries and with Internet technology we are able now to provide an opportunity to share our values and discover those of others. Even though educational reform has been recently undertaken in Thailand providing nine years instead of six years of compulsory basic education, still many children are unable to study in junior high school, because their parents cannot afford the extra costs involved. We believe that children can be key agents for development and peace and every child should receive basic education. Under this project, needed Thai children are helped to attend school while students, educators and others in wealthier countries get to know each other, exchange ideas and practise English. Darunee D-Pal Club is an innovative system, via internet, under which four donors form a team to support one childís education in northeast Thailand. Team members donate US$50 each and the $200 raised by each team covers three years of junior high school education for a child who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Teams will be introduced to each other via Internet. They will be able to see their studentís profile via internet and follow their studentís progress during his/her time at junior high school. Any interested high school teachers can contact us at Thank you for your consideration. Sunphet Nilrat Managing director The Education for Development Foundation (EDF) 50 K.U.A. Bldg, 3rd Floor, Phaholyothin road, Jatujak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand Tel: (662) 940-5988, 940-5925, 579-9209-11 Fax: (662) 940-5266 Email: Found Him at Last Murray Joynt and his sister Mary Long time Coober Pedy resident Murray Joynt. the man who designed and built the first blower with a hopper in 1971, left New Zealand for Australia 35 years ago. His family has never heard of him since. Until a fortnight ago, when his sister Mary finally caught up with him in Coober Pedy. Mary said she tried for many years to find Murray, even with Interpol, but like a hard-done-by opal miner, she never ever found any traces. "Australia is a big place," she said. It happened that Mary's cousin's son's best friend came to Coober Pedy to buy opal, and found himself at Pommie John's in Potch Gully. When he heard a man talking about New Zealand - a small place - he asked him his name. Murray told him. "You might be related to my best friend Neil, he replied. "How do you spell his name?" Murray asked. It turned out to be the same. Murray said he probably was related. The best friend returned to New Zealand and told Neil, who told his mother, who told Mary. But they still didn't have a contact point. So Mary looked on the internet and found a Coober Pedy opal site. The site is operated by Trevor Berry, a relative newcomer to Coober Pedy, who hadn't heard of Murray Joynt. But obligingly he printed the email and took it to the Coober Pedy Post Office Agency, Managed by Steve Baines. When Murray came in to town to pick up his mail, he was handed the printed email with Mary's phone number. Needless to say, he rang it. And Mary came to Coober Pedy and found her long lost brother! lower airfares a joint news release from the dccp and REX airlines says that their groundbreaking agreement has resulted in passangers to and from coober pedy having access to lower air fares. The dropping of the ansett levy and resultant lower GST also factor in the reduction of the REX NET fare from $199 to $169. Coober pedy mayor steve bains says that council also wish to acknowledge the assistance of the department of transport and urban planning and the south australian tourism commission. The south australian tourism commission will contribute $20.000 to help the council maintain the airstrip and associated infrastructure for the next 12 months. REX chief operating officer neil shea said that the agreement between rex and the dccp was an innovative partnership between an airline and local government. The hon michael wright, minister for transport said that he is confident that the new service measures wi;; deliver passengers to the opal capital of the world and ensure the sustainability of the coober pedy / adelaide route for the local community. piano concert in the catacomb church hall pianist/composer paul hamilton glover from ballarat had strong support in coober pedy last week the ausience decided when the power finally came on to opt for a candle lit recital. found him at last murray said he probably was related. The best friend returned to NZ and told neil, who told his mother, who told mary. But they still didnít have a contact point. So mary looked on the internet and found a coober pedy opal site. She sent an email, the site operated by trevor berry, a relative newcomer to coober pedy. Who hadn't heard of murray joynt. But obligingly he printed the email and took it to the coober pedy post office agency, managed by steve baines. When murray came in to pick up his mail, he was handed the printed email with mary's phone number. Needless to say he rang it. And mary came to coober pedy and found her long lost brother! new t-junction sign true to their word, authorities erected the promised T-junction sign at the approach to the intersection of flat hill road and the stuart highway.