Coober Pedy News No. 37

8 August 2003

Archived copy


Lions Food Eaten by Expeditioners

Coober Pedy Lions Frank Pennisi, Geoff Sykes and Roma Gosse are in the background at left. The venue was the Lions Club building on Seventeen Mile Road.

The "Lions food" actually was a barbecue cooked by the Coober Pedy Lions Club for the Adelaide based Scientific Expedition Group. The SEG were returning from their trip to Dalhousie Mound Springs, in the Witjera National Park.

The trek was led by Richard Willing, a retired physician, who is also the chair of the SEG. Its purpose was to survey the date palms around Dalhousie. The date palms are so suited to the area that they are taking over, to the detriment of local flora and fauna.

Local flora and fauna were also surveyed. Evidence of the presence of the Marsupial Mole, (see below) and the Kowari, a marsupial rodent, was found. Anyone can join the Scientific Expedition Group - see

Have you seen a Marsupial Mole? They are known to inhabit sand dune and sandy plain country throughout SA, NT, WA and possibly south west QLD. The "Mole Patrol" project, funded by Anangu Pitjantjatjara Land Management through the National Heritage Trust, is trying to gain a better understanding of these elusive marsupials. It will rely on volunteers across Australia to record and report mole sightings. The valuable information collected will hep in conserving the species. If you would like to help or gain a better understanding of marsupial moles, an information package containing photos and descriptions of mole signs can be obtained by contacting the Threatened Species Network, Alice Springs, at either or (08) 8952 1541.




Photo courtesy of Dr J. Benshemesh






Above article and photo reproduced from Coober Pedy News 23 July 2002


      Left:  Diagram of a trench (80cm deep, facing north) exposing the intersected backfilled tunnel of a Marsupial Mole. The different colour of the backfilled dirt exposes the drive that the mole dug.

Mining inspectors please note - for the Marsupial Mole's drive, PSPP's and pegs not required, nor is notification of use of earthmoving equipment; claim is fully reinstated to protect the fragile environment.

In the diagram, the choice of green for the colour of the backfilled dirt is not intended to convey any hidden political message.


Extracts from Council Minutes (June 2003)

From the Mayor's report:

"I have sent letters to Transport SA and Services SA complaining about the lack of service offered by the Coober Pedy Police in regards to Motor Registration enquiries. I have asked that they take this function away from the police and commission another organisation to offer the services to the people of Coober Pedy."

From the Environmental Health Officer's Report: (Visit to Coober Pedy 19 - 21 June)

Inspections: "Follow up of 2 premises that had unsatisfactory conditions reported from the previous visit which required rectification. The matter of insufficient provision of facilities for sanitation and personal hygiene has now been rectified. The premise that had unsatisfactory hygiene conditions is now at an acceptable standard. Discussions were held with a new owner of requirements for an upgrade and maintenance to the food preparation area. Letters were written to  all owners of premises inspected advising of the results of inspections. The standard of premises was good, especially the various clubs."

Insanitary Conditions: "Two insanitary conditions complaints were investigated. Following complaints to Council, a letter was written to an absentee owner advising that a squatter was using their property as a bottle collection depot and storing containers in plastic bags that are blowing to adjoining properties."

Match this for fresh local grub!

Passing through ... Sara and Jane, two mothers, and their children, selling coffee and donating part of the sales to charities.

Harsh Conditions

"A mop and a bucket to checkouts 9, 11 and 12 please!"

Supermarket cashiers in Argentina are being forced to wear nappies to keep them from taking toilet breaks, a union says. Female cashiers in western Mendoza province must wear nappies in case "cold, nerves, pressure or stress" provoke incontinence, union official Jorge Cordova told local newsagency Diarios y Noticas today. Source: "Slattsnews" on Google.

Things were very quiet

Isn't is amazing that when not much news is around, that very fact becomes an item of news. If you check out 'Slattsnews' on Google and type in 'Coober Pedy', you'll find:

"July 4, 2003. Read all about it. It's a brave editor that publishes news in an outpost like Coober Pedy. Nothing much happens and if it does and you upset someone, well, them opal mining shafts go down a long way. The intro to the page 1 lead in this week's Coober Pedy News suggest it's been pretty quiet in the town where they live underground:

'Last week at the intersection of Stuart Highway and Flat Hill Road a 12-tonne truck collided with a Commodore sedan ...'

Slatts' comment even attracted another comment:

"Slatts, thank you for this informative article and the link. We here in the States just didn't know where to turn for news about Coober Pedy ..."