Coober Pedy News No. 39

5 September  2003

Archived copy

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Historical Connection

Malcolm, the son of Jim Cheyne (pronounced 'Sheehan')


This issue of the Coober Pedy News comes from a stand at the Royal Adelaide Show.

One of the visitors to the stand was Malcolm Cheyne. He said his father Jim and Uncle Alf were on the Progress Committee of the fledgling opal mining community that was trying to establish an official name for themselves.

The name Stuart Range was disallowed because it was too similar to another placename already in use.

'Coober Pedy' was accepted, an Anglicised version of an Aboriginal name meaning 'white man in a hole'.

Jim had the first underground store in Coober Pedy. He also had a bakery. He is mentioned in Arch Burnett's book, "Willful Murder and Sudden Death".

Jim built the Coward Springs Hotel. The Cheyne family ran it from about 1885 to 1910.

The things people say at the Royal Show!

Can you eat Andamooka matrix after you cook it?

If I replaced a dead tooth with a belemnite, could I suck dirt out of a fossil like a vampire?

Something to think about from OM North Africa

A young violinist gave his debut concert to a packed auditorium. He played brilliantly and received a standing ovation.

The crowd stood and cheered but he seemed totally oblivious to them, as his gaze was firmly fixed on just one person seated up in the balcony.

When asked about this later he said, "When I played, I wasn't playing for the crowd. I played for the approval of only one person. I played for an audience of one because I knew that if he was pleased with me. Then everyone else would be also."

Sunset yorky

AHA opening

A new complex for the Aboriginal Housing Authority was opened in Hutchison Street by the Minister of Housing, Stephanie Key. The District Council of Coober Pedy was represented by Deputy Mayor Mike Maylin, and councillors Roanna Wardle and Rose Temple.



Stephanie Key, Minister for Housing                      Mabel Lecoviak and David Crombie


George Cooley, chaiman, SA Aboriginal Housing Housing Authority                                                             Lyn Breuer, Member for Giles


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