Coober Pedy News No. 40

19 September  2003. 

Archived copy

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Case dismissed

 The Magistrate in the Coober Pedy Court dismissed the case put by Mr Stuart Bird, pensioner, against Mr David Arnold, opal dealer. He found that Mr Arnold had not in any way deceived Mr Bird, and that Mr Bird had no claim on Mr Arnold for income lost as a result of Mr Bird allegedly being unable to avail himself of the use of the domain name Australian Coloured He found that Mr Arnold had acceded to Mr Bird's request to transfer the name back to him, but Mr Bird had been annoyed and had decided not to complete his part of the transfer documentation. The Magistrate said he would award Mr Arnold the costs associated with his defence. He knew that the man whom Mr Arnold had originally engaged to defend him was now in 'diabolical' trouble, so he said he would give Mr Arnold time to obtain the information required to determine the full amount of the costs.

New Australian Citizen  


Kerry Turnwald, with Mayor Steve Baines   




Australia Day Awards.

   The District Council of Coober Pedy invites nominations for the Awards of Citizen, Young Citizen, and Community Event of the year. The Awards are made by the Australia Day Council.  

For further information: Email:

Aboriginal Housing Authority Office Staff


Jim Reynolds, Housing Officer and Julie Dempsey, Administration Assistant.

 Power Fluctuations

The Manager of the Power Station, Mr Brian Mooney, said in his August report that the new PLC system is now fully integrated and performing to specifications on all operational generators. The system has full control of generator call-up and shutdown, to cater for demand requirements. However Cr Maylin said that many people had been complaining to him about the power supply dropping down very low and then rising, and dropping down again. He said that he thought that the PLC should be able to be programmed to shut the power right off once a low power supply was detected, and then fix the problem before turning the power back on, rather than continue with a fluctuating supply. Mr Mooney said that for various reasons, some of which he would not want to give in the forum of a general Council Meeting, this may not be possible. Cr Maylin insisted that it would be advisable to fix this problem before the high demand of summer. CEO Trevor McLeod assured Cr Maylin that he would work with Mr Mooney to find a way to address Cr Maylin's concern.

Coober Pedy Tourist Accommodation - High Standard

Lisa Sutton, Environmental Health Officer, visited Coober Pedy from 12 to 14 August. She inspected 6 accommodation establishments, 1 caravan park and 2 food premises. She said no major problems were identified and the accommodation provided for tourists to Coober Pedy is of a very high standard.

Coober Pedy Races on Again

Council approved a Community Donation for the Coober Pedy Amateur Racing Club Inc. for the 2003 Race Weekend, to be held on the October long weekend

Minigems    Negotiations re Council taking over the management of Minigems Child Care Centre are still proceeding.

2004 Opal Festival  Council gave in-principle approval to Mr Geoff Sykes, Acting Coordinator, for the erection of signs advertising the 2004 Opal Festival. 

Max Reid Going Down - to Adelaide 

Maxwell John Reid, his wife Edna, and business associate Graham Dasborough pleaded not guilty in the Port Augusta District Court, to one of the biggest cases of alleged GST fraud since the introduction of the new tax system. They were remanded to appear in Adelaide at the end of September.



The circus was in town, but ...

Did she have a Licker Licence?

Zara is 15 years old, weighs 290 kg, and has been with Lennon Bros Circus since she was a cub.