Coober Pedy News
       No. 5                                                                         15 May 2002

Archived copy


Chaotic Council Meeting

At about 25 to 11 on Monday night, Mr Ian Quartermain, Finance Director, began presenting his monthly report by stating that the District Council of Coober Pedy is 1.6 Million dollars in the red, and climbing. The Mayor, Mr Eric Malliotis, interrupted and said that the council is not in the red at all.

The Director of Finance, (D of F), repeated his statement. The Mayor interrupted again, exclaiming a word that refers to the excrement of the male bovine species.

The D of F retorted with his original statement, but more forcefully than his first effort.

Again the Mayor interrupted, louder still, but added a word which qualified the excrement as being one which was capable of performing a sexual act.

Raising his voice, the D of F tried again to present his report. When the Mayor interrupted yet again, the D of F said that he didn't care what the Mayor thought of the report, it was his job to present it. And whether the Mayor liked the report or not it didn't matter, the figures show that the Council is $M1.6 in the red, and climbing, and that's why there are unpaid accounts totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in the office that can't be paid as there is no money there.

Then the Mayor started shouting at the D of F, that it was all figures and didn't mean anything, to which the D of F said he'd just about had enough, and the Council could get someone else to do the job if they were going to treat him like this.

But it still wouldn't make any difference to the Council being $M1.6 in the red.

"So f .. what!" screamed the Mayor......

(Cont.) At which the D of F stood up, saying that he did not have to put up with this kind of treatment, and at 20 to 11 he walked out of the chambers.

Through all this, the councillors and staff sat mute.

At 19 to 11, while the Mayor was still ranting, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Trevor McLeod, also stood up and left the chambers, his face showing concern, no doubt on a mission of reconciliation.

He returned at 19 to 11. Councillor Shelton got up and left at 17 to 11.

The CEO began appealing to the Mayor to consider resuming the presentation of the report in a reasonable manner.

Cr Shelton returned at 16 to 11 to say that the D of F told him he was willing to come back into the chambers if the Mayor would calm down.

Crs Rapaic and Athanasiadis walked out of the chambers at 15 to 11, followed by Cr Blobel, who did not return to the meeting at all.

The D of F returned to the chambers at 14 to 11, followed by Crs Rapaic and Athanasiadis. The Mayor having calmed down, and a quorum now existing, the report of the D of f was finally presented.

Andrew Eastick, CEO of the Northern Regional Development Board, presented two awards, but the recipients, Yannis Athanasiadis from Umoona Opal Mine, and Robert Coro, Desert Cave, were unable to be present to accept them. The Mayor's remark was, "God won one award and Jesus won the other." Mr Eastick also addressed the meeting on the subject of the new "Outback SA" body, and urged the council to become a part of it. The involvement would be a shared, one-member representation from the District Councils of Coober Pedy and Roxby Downs. After this address he left. Then the Mayor urged the councillors not to become a pert of  Outback SA, saying, "... we're not going to lick their ----- ...", but councillors rebuffed him by voting to combine with the District Council of Roxby Downs and place a shared member on the Outback SA board.


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