Coober Pedy News
       No. 57                                                   28 May  2004

Archived copy

Safe Drinking Area - NO!

At a Special Meeting addressed by an officer from the State Government Attorney General's Department, the District Council of Coober Pedy voiced strong opposition to the proposal by the Liquor Licensing Commission that Coober Pedy establish a Safe Drinking Area.

Councillor Harry Blobel said that he thought an SDA was a bit on the racial side, but Mayor Steve Baines said, "Let's not gloss over it." He sad it was an idea mooted mainly to try to address alcohol abuse  by Aboriginals.

The Attorney General's Office Crime Prevention Unit presented research into SDA's in Australia. An SDA would have beds, water, rubbish bins, telephone, toilets, and be easily accessible by police and ambulance. The research concluded that there was no written evidence of any successful establishment of an SDA anywhere, although it had been tried in NSW and WA.

The Mayor and Councillors all said that it was a bit ridiculous for Coober Pedy to try it. The CEO said that it would  require Planning Approval and Public Liability Insurance. Council's insurers had advised that it would not be a good idea to try that. The Mayor said that, on his reading of public opinion, local people ("whom we are supposed to be representing") would not be in favour of an SDA. Apart from that, Council's resources of staff and finance would not be able to cope with it. If the State would establish it and run it, fine. But, "We don't support an SDA, nor do the police."

Sergeant Andrew Bartlett said the Police would not be in support of an SDA.

Councillor Tina Doulgaris, who has had many year's involvement in local alcohol abuse problem solving, said that even the Adelaide City Council had removed toilets from Victoria Square and would not replace them while the drinking problem continued there.

Coober Pedy already has a Dry Area policy and a voluntary restricted trading hours accord from local liquor suppliers. "Coober Pedy has become the easiest town to drink in," said Cr Doulgaris. 

"The 'Lands' people are the problem, not the locals." She asked if there was any possibility of an Aboriginal Club being set up, similar to other a Greek Club or Croation Club.

The policy of providing finance to transport people back to the 'Pitlands' after being on a binge in Coober Pedy was useless - in two days' time they would be back in Coober Pedy with more money and start all over again.

Cr Mike Maylin said that the answer would be to give the 'Lands' a Liquor Licence and let them drink there. He'd spent a fair amount of time working in the Cape York area and it worked OK for them. 

Since the 'Lands' have tightened up their Dry Area Policy, Coober Pedy has become a great attraction - for one reason - GROG!

New Golf Clubhouse




From this ................



  Visitors from Ceduna, Melbourne, Broken Hill, and sister club Thaxted Park in Adelaide enjoyed the golfing weekend. The clubhouse has been rebuilt after being gutted by fire.

                               View of fairways from clubhouse                                                     Buggy 'n' all
                                 Preparing the scrape for putting                                         Tee off (on synthetic grass)
       Ball wash

                                           Car bonnet sign

Did You Know?

It costs $900 a time for Coober Pedy's sub-artesian,  reverse osmosis water to be tested. A sample is flown out every two months and the test must take place within 24 hours.

The new Power Station generators will get here on June 1, and the  'gremlin free' changeover will happen on July 12.

From a reader:

Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs
on your front door forever.

To make a long story short, don't tell it.


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Money is like manure. It's no good unless you spread it

The recent edition of the Coober Pedy Regional Times says that the District Council of Coober Pedy was "forced to listen" to residents in a meeting to do with the Draft Development Plan.

That's bit rich, seeing the Council was the convenor of the meeting!