Coober Pedy News
       No. 59                                                    25 June  2004

 Archived copy              

Visitor Information Centre Upgrade

The District Council of Coober Pedy in a Special Meeting awarded a $240,000 contract for the upgrade work to local builder Mike Maylin Constructions Pty Ltd. The construction company is owned by Councillor Mike Maylin.

Council's CEO Trevor McLeod provided a report to the special meeting detailing the history of the tender process.

"On 10th June 2004, the Minister for Tourism Hon Jane Lomax-Smith, formally announced funding of $230,000 to the DC of Coober Pedy for the upgrade of the existing Visitor Information Centre.

During discussions with Mr Michael Geddes, Manager, Tourism Infrastructure Group South Australian Tourism Commission, prior to the formal announcement, it was agreed that immediately upon receipt of building plans and engineering specifications, local Coober Pedy builders would be provided with copies in an endeavour to expedite the process as the SATC were very eager to have the funds "off their books" prior to 30th June 2004.

Accordingly the specifications and plans were distributed as follows:

1. Mr Paul Atkins     2. Mike Maylin Constructions Pty Ltd       3. Mr Bob Del Tedesco.

Both Messrs Atkins and Del Tedesco have provided me with letters indicating that they were not prepared to tender for the work due to their existing workloads. Furthermore I spoke with Mr Geoff Sykes and asked whether he was interested in obtaining a set of plans and specifications, which he subsequently declined.

On 17th June 2004, Council received a tender from Mike Maylin Constructions Pty Ltd, for the amount of $240,751 (GST inclusive).

Following receipt and perusal of the tender there are areas identified in which cost savings can be made and credited in order to complete the project within budget. In accordance with Council's Purchasing Policy for contracts for the purchase of goods or services exceeding $100,000, the successful tenderer is to be chosen by Council." 

The minutes of the Special Meeting show that Councillor M Maylin declared an interest as his company had tendered for the project, and left the Chambers. In his absence, councillors awarded the contract, moved by Cr B Rapaic and seconded by Cr P Athanasiadis.

SA Government Community Cabinet in Coober Pedy, Sunday 25th July and Monday 26th July 2004

Deputations to Ministers

Formal deputations will be accepted on Sunday 25th July between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm at the Italo Australian Miners Club, Italian Club Road, Coober Pedy.

Community Forum

A Community Forum will be held on Sunday 25th July, from 6.00 pm until 7.30 pm at Greek Orthodox Community of Coober Pedy Club, St Nicholas Street, Coober Pedy and is open to all members of the public.

Mining road (not gazetted)

 Mayor Steve Baines said in the June Council meeting that his top priority in the Community Cabinet meeting would be to try to find a way for the Council to get funding for the grading of 200 plus km of mining roads. The problem is that funding for the grading of 130 km of dirt roads in the town area is made available to the council because these roads are gazetted roads, but mining roads are not gazetted, and change from time to time depending on where the mining is taking place.

The London-Sydney Marathon ( )

According to their Newsletter No. 2 of September 2003, the leg from Ayers Rock to Coober Pedy will be on Sunday June 27. Their impression of Coober Pedy from the 2000 marathon: "the fascination of the scruffy opal mining town of Coober Pedy". 

The marathon is "the icon of all long distance events. It captured the imagination of the world when it was first run in 1968; it was hailed as the ultimate competitive motoring adventure. Now, over 30 years later, it is still the event that stirs memories and inspires drivers from around the world to pit themselves, their cars and their wits against the elements and the clock".

The entry fee for 2 crew members and a car is US$38,000

Council Meeting, June 2004

Delegates' Reports:

Cr Doulgeris: The Drive-in committee is fundraising to update their equipment. They are still operating in the black.

Cr Rapaic: The Miners Association has received a grant of $50,000 for a drilling program. They are thinking of buying a drill with this, and are sourcing more grant funding.

CEO: Is to make enquiries with Peer Training in regard to a Linesman Apprenticeship.

Deputation: Mr Gary Atkins asked why the Works Department staff drive machinery back to the Works yard for morning tea. He was advised that if the workers are within 10 minutes of the Depot they drive in. If not they take their morning lunch out with them.

Mr Atkins also asked why the CEO's Assistant has a Council vehicle, and why her partner is allowed to drive it. The CEO advised Mr Atkins that, "the vehicle in question is owned by Ms Freeman and her partner, not Council".

Works report advises that, amongst all the other things accomplished, 13 dogs and 3 cats were destroyed.

Sent in by a reader

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