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       No. 70                                                      26 November 2004

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'No Pokies for Coober Pedy' Movement Continues

Five people met to discuss the formation of a steering committee to direct the course of the 'No Pokies for Coober Pedy' movement. Funds are being raised for lobbying expenses. Petitions are available in various outlets. The group hopes that one person from every Coober Pedy club and church will be represented in a committee and contribute to progressing the 'cause'. A follow-up visit by 'No Pokies' MP Nick Xenophon is planned.

Alex Avakian collecting signatures for the "No Pokies for Coober Pedy" petition

Real punting 


Throwing all your resources into a hole in the ground in pretty much Godforsaken country is my idea of a gamble. So I sympathise with the risk-takers of Coober Pedy who met recently to oppose nanny state-controlled gambling.
From my favourite news outlet between Pt Augusta and Alice Springs.
Cr Boro Rapaic, a self-confessed former gambler years ago when opal was plentiful, said that he wanted to rid Coober Pedy of poker machines. He said that in the old days the money won in local (illegal) card games was recirculated in the town, but revenue from poker machines went out of the town. He said that no committees of local clubs allowed poker machines to be placed in their clubrooms.

Posted by Bernard Slattery at November 17, 2004 10:24 PM | TrackBack

I've mailed the boys in Coober my support. I've also put a bumper sticker on my vehicle here in Texas. "No More Pokies in Coober".

Posted by: Wallace-Midland Texas at November 18, 2004 01:45 AM


Extracts from the November District Council of Coober Pedy meeting

Councillors finally make decisions as required by the Dog And Cat Management Board.

They declared the Triangle Playground, the Tennis Courts and the Basketball Courts to be 'Dog Free Areas'.

Four areas were declared 'Dog Off-Leash Exercise Areas'. Council has specific details of the boundaries of the areas but in general they are: near the Oodnadatta Road, the Water Conservation Reserve, near the William Creek Road, and the Town Oval between the hours of 6.00 am and 8.00 am.


10,000 tyres stockpiled at the dump

The Works Manager reported back to Council that prices for carting recyclables to Adelaide by local transport operators are around $1000 for a 25 tonne semi load. The costs of labour to package the waste, and that of containers, is extra.

Scrap tyres are not recycled in SA. They are shredded and placed in landfill (an EPA requirement). A tyre shredder quoted ex-GST on site shredding costs of $2.95 for a passenger tyre, and $19.50 for a Super Single, with a cost of $1 per km for travelling.

Funding of $21,000 has been obtained from the Department of Environment and Heritage to purchase and install an 8000 litre waste oil receiving facility at the Works depot to handle waste oil generated both by the Works depot and the town. The oil can then be picked up by tankers and transported to Adelaide for recycling.


'Leaky Les' On the Trail of the Water Thieves

The Water Supply Manager Les Hoad says in his report that a newly imported meter will best suit the operation to catch water thieves. It is a permanent fixture having a six year battery life, can be read both ways, providing data able to be downloaded to a laptop. He says he has ordered one, to fit in the line that feeds the Potch Gully area, at a cost of over $3000, with delivery in February 2005. The performance of the meter will determine whether of not more will be fitted around the town.


Transitional Camp

From the Mayor's Report:

"I attended a meeting of the Planning and Development Committee for the Transitional Camp on the 20th October. It was confirmed at this meeting that the preferred location for the camp is on the land adjacent aboriginal health and the Sobering Up Centre. The CEO and I are in the process of determining whether it is possible for Council to provide services to this area.

I have received information from Telstra Countrywide that the decision on whether to provide ADSL broadband services to Coober Pedy should be made in about three weeks. The desktop audit has been undertaken and did identify that the present exchange would need to be extended to accommodate the new equipment." 

Steve Baines, Mayor.


Hospital Board Delegate Report - Lyn Freeman

"The Hospital Board AGM was held on Monday 25th October at the Italian Club. At 7.00 pm, which was the advertised starting time, the Chairman of the board Kim Kelly declared the meeting open and advised those present that they would be given ten minutes to read the Annual Report.

Only 2 of the 3 candidates were present at that time.

The 3rd candidate arrived with a few of other people and immediately commenced making calls on her mobile phone, as did one of the people accompanying her. As the meeting had started at this time it made hearing very difficult, all the more so as a crowd of people, left over from a funeral earlier in the day were in the bar.

People were coming in, registering, voting and leaving. Others were still ringing around on their mobile phones. The Chair was trying to conduct the meeting.

The reports were finished and the next item on the Agenda was the voting.

The CEO of the hospital, Malinda Watson, announced that if anyone had not voted would they please do so now. After a few minutes, as there was nobody waiting to register or vote at that time Ms Watson declared voting closed. One of the Board members (who was a candidate) was asked to go over and close the consantenna door to block out the noise from the bar.

Ms Watson explained that Sergeant Greg Shaw would be in charge of the counting process. I then noticed that some more people had entered the room and were filling out voting slips that had not been removed from the table. I quickly spoke with the CEO and she went over to the table and removed the voting box and slips. This angered the people who had just arrived and had not voted (and a few who had) but voting had closed.

Roxanna Ramsay, from DHS and the Minister have both been notified of the events of the night and are both quite satisfied with the way it was handled.

Mr Peter Lane and Mr Mark Harrison were re-elected to the board."

(Delegate Lyn Freeman has for many years been in charge of the electoral booth at Coober Pedy State and Federal elections)


Cr Maylin requested that the Council Meter Readers be instructed to take note of any dangerous wiring in meter boxes, and water leaks.

When asked the day before publication of this issue of the Coober Pedy News if there were any last minute scandals to release, Mayor Steve Baines said that he didn't know of any - he was at home asleep in bed, and he was happy to be quoted.

The Virgin Rainbow remains unsold, after the internet auction tender attempt failed to receive a sufficiently high enough bid. The agent  has further plans for its sale, after an international exhibition following further publicity.


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