Coober Pedy News
       No. 72                                                          24 December 2004

Archived copy

     Coober Pedy Opal Miners Knuckle Under

New Miners Association President Works a "Miracle"

At a public meeting in a licensed venue to explain the working of a new drilling program, miners were told by president-elect Frank Pennisi that all comments were to be directed through him as Chairman. Anyone not complying would be ruled out of order.

 Mr Pennisi's ruling was brought to the test many times, but on each occasion he managed to retain order over the imbibing throng. Even 'Pommy John', notorious for detonating opal miner's public meetings into uproar and confusion was eventually silenced by the president's authority.

The words, "Through the Chair ..." prefaced several comments on how the drilling program was envisaged to be administered. 

There was even an, "If I may ..." used !

Secretary Dale Price paid tribute to the efforts of Boro Rapaic in helping to get government funding to purchase the drill that will be used in the program. The miners applauded Mr Rapaic.

The committee hopes to get the program started early in the new year, and is also looking towards buying its own premises.

Everyone entering the meeting was required to sign their name and provide their prospecting permit number.

Miners applauded Frank Pennisi at the conclusion of the meeting.

President Frank Pennisi calling the meeting to order.

December District Council Meeting

Some un-attributed, not necessarily verbatim, quotes...

"Since the Liquor Licensing Accord was signed, drunks are congregating in the street in the afternoon instead of in the morning."

"We said we weren't gonna have another Albert McCormack but it looks like we've got one."

"Council has inherited the situation of being the supplier of electricity to premises where owners are able to significantly increase their demand, which requires higher capacity feeder installations, without Council being informed."

"Very, very sneaky."

"It looks like we'll have to revisit that one." 

"If the Lands mob could get grog on their own land we wouldn't have all the problems here."

"A Transitional Camp needs 24-hour policing."


Change of Heart?

For the first time in many years, perhaps ever, councillors have indicated that they will be in town for a January general meeting. Traditionally December has been the month for asking for apologies in advance for the January meeting. 

The CEO and Executive Assistant will be on leave, so the supply of an agenda for the meeting on the 18th will be a challenge to overcome.

Third Collision at Intersection

Two vehicles collided at the T-junction intersection of Flat Hill Road and the Stuart Highway. 

This is the third time, and again, there were no fatal injuries.


This time the Christmas street decorations are for real, and not for a film prop.

Christmas Greetings from the Coober Pedy News - next issue January 21, 2005

(Jesus is the reason for the season)