Coober Pedy News

No 75                         18 February 2005

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Briefs from D.C. Coober Pedy February Council Meeting 

Councillors voted to authorise Mayor Steve Baines to write a letter of support to relevant authorities in the 'war on main street drunks'. 

Despite the liquor licensees' accord and dry area policy drunks still hang around the shopping areas, consuming alcohol.


Council has received notice of a grant of $52,000 to upgrade security at the airport.


Electricity Supply Unplanned Outage:  Lightning struck a transformer on the Hopeful Hills SWER line causing 70 consumers to be without power for about 6 hours until the transformer could be located and fixed.

Offers have been received for two Wartsilla generators -$108,000 - and $58,000 for four Cummins generators. The money from sales will not be used to pay off council debts but will go towards the upgrading of the electrical distribution system.

REX Airlines had a 36% growth in the 2004 calendar year over the 2003 period.


Water Supply chief "Leaky Les" made everyone smile (as usual) as he came to give his monthly report.