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National Day of Thanksgiving

The National Day of Thanksgiving is an annual celebration that is supported by the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard and the leader of the Opposition Kim Beasley. It provides an opportunity for Australians to pause and say thank you to God for our great national heritage

Local churches, community members and tourists supported the service of thanksgiving outside the TAFE campus on Saturday 14 May. It was a time of thanking God and recognizing the dedication of those who care for us and often volunteer their services to provide health care, emergency services, education and skills that make our country the great nation that it is. 

Prayers of thanksgiving, singing items and a short address were included in the formal service of thanksgiving. 

Lachlan Blatchford performing outside TAFE

Balloons with prayers of thanksgiving were released by children in an act of gratitude to God for our great land. The service was followed by a free BBQ and live music provided by local churches and individuals
Photo and text supplied by Anthea Day

Coober Pedy 'Saints' get another thrashing

Olympic Dam wins by 294 points to 1

But ...

As their press release says, " ... didnít deter the players who all turned out for training the Monday after."

From left, Geoff Sykes, Cr Rose Temple with Coober Pedy youth, who presented cheques from Aboriginal Youth Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Committee to Mark Bell, treasurer of the Coober Pedy Football Club.

The club has just signed up a Black Opal Sponsorship, its highest category of sponsorship, worth $5,000 in cash. The donor is Robert Coro, who thereby earns the right to have his Opal Inn logo on the club guernseys.

Did You Know ... The very first car made by BMW was the Austin 7 built under licence and marketed as the Dixi?
(Try that on the next yuppie BMW owner you meet.)
The Austin 7 was also built under licence in the USA as the Bantam, and in Japan as a Datsun. (From


No Pokies

No Pokies 4 Coober Pedy has been invited to attend the launch in Salisbury (near Adelaide) of the SA branch of the national Duty Of Care Inc.

Duty of Care was formed by people in Australia who are "fed up with the governmentís failure to effectively address the pokies issue."

Duty of Care Inc says "80% of SA adults and 90% of small business owners want the pokies banned! It's time the voice of the people was heard."


One Man's Struggle

Peter Papaspirou, long time resident and miner feels like giving up in the battle to maintain his main street premises. His latest effort to combat irresponsible youth is to place barriers on the footpath to stop them racing past his shopfront on push bikes. Customers walking out of the shop onto the footpath have nearly been bowled over. Robberies, vandalism and graffiti have all taken a toll on his resolve to make the effort to stay in Coober Pedy's main street with its higher central area rating policy.

Mayor Steve Baines says that after the successful trial by City Safe Security in Coober Pedy recently, the Council is now waiting on their business plan submission. When implemented, City Safe will provide a balance to the current less-than-24-hour police presence, and will satisfy the Aboriginal Housing Authority's required back up needs in the establishing of the Transitional Housing plan.


From Volume 56, No. 17

New Radar for Woomera Prohibited Area

In recent weeks local contractors have been preparing a site at Range E for the installation of the MPS-36 Radar.

This Transportable Radar has  been sourced from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), as an item surplus to their requirements It has the potential to significantly enhance the operational flexibility of test and evaluation activities within the WPA. Some of its features include an increased power, versatility and reliability compared to our current radars.

It is in Esrange, Northern Sweden, awaiting transportation to Australia.

The site preparation is being undertaken by local contractors, PA & CL Martin, Cowell Electric and Outback Electronics.


You've heard of the book called 'Who's Who' ; what about  'Whose who's?' 

The other day a guy volunteering his time to drive a school owned bus on loan to the footy team went in to the school to hand in the form used to register drivers of the school bus. It was a busy time so while he waited he read and re-read the form, and happened to notice a grammatical error - the use of the word "who's" instead of "whose", in the sentence "The person who's details appear on this form ...". 

One of the school staff saw him sitting there and said, "You've been waiting quite a while - can I help you?' 

He said, "Yes, I've been here that long I've found a grammatical error on this form. What is happening to the educational standards of this country!"

 He showed it to the staff member, who said there was no error, it was the right word. The guy said, "No it isn't, it should be "whose", not "who's".

 This little discussion attracted the attention of two other staff members, one of whom said the word is correct because "who's" is short for "who is". The guy said, "No, it doesn't make sense to have "who is" in the sentence, 'The person who's details appear on this form ...'.  I'm telling you, "whose" is the correct word." 

The first staff member said, "I'm off to the police station to do such and such." 

The second one said, "Yes,  you are right." 

The third one said, "Does it matter?"

The guy replied, "Yes it does matter when it comes from THIS place. This is where you are supposed to get this sort of thing right!"

Number three quickly retorted, "Well it doesn't come from here, it comes from Adelaide."

The guy said, "That's even worse, it comes from the Head Office of the Education Department!"

Number three, quick off the mark again, replied, "No it doesn't, it comes from the Bus Department."

"Oh well, that's OK then," said the guy.


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