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 Volunteers Award for Drive-in

Coober Pedy's Outback Open Air Cinema won $7000 in the South Australian Art and Culture Category of the 2005 National Bank Volunteer Awards.

Kevin Woon, Chairman of the Drive-in committee, said the money would enable upgrading of equipment and facilities, particularly the projectors. Volunteers staff the gate, the canteen and the projection room.

He also said that they try to arrange viewing nights for when the moon is not full because the volunteers, skilled as they are, can't do anything about the moon.

Triangle Funding

The District Council of Coober Pedy voted to proceed with applications for funding of change-rooms/toilets, lighting and steps, and a skate park, in the Triangle. It needs to provide verification that it can make a 50% contribution of the possible maximum grant of about $420,000.

Grave Concern

The Council also voted in favour of accepting responsibility for un-maintained graves in the Coober Pedy Cemetery, undertaking to provide a cross bearing the name of the deceased, and date of death. The discussion about Muslims not wanting crosses resolved that if they didn't want one they could remove it, but if the grave is not maintained no-one may ever bother. 

Plan Amendment Report

After many years, the report has finally been signed off by the State Government, and will be gazetted .

Aboriginal Air

The Chief Executive Officer and the Mayor will meet representatives of Aboriginal Air. Flights from Alice Springs via Uluru in and out of Coober Pedy are set to start in November. The Council has been successful in obtaining a $43,000 grant for an Airport Security upgrade

Sale of Surplus Electricity Assets

The Council has five generators and three transformers for sale. An offer of $13,000 has been made for the lot.

Stephen Kincaid from Evans Clarke National recommended not to accept the offer, as he is trying to confirm an offer of $18,000 for the transformers, and another offer for the generators.

Council voted not to accept the $13,000 offer.

Oxiana Up 

Oxiana Limited, developing the Prominent Hill gold/copper resource near Coober Pedy, has reached a high in its share price of $1.33.




Use of caption "Opal Capital of the World" 
The District Council of Coober Pedy approved the use of the caption "Opal Capital of the World", following a request from Kookaburra Gas & Leisure Products, importers and wholesalers of camping and outdoor products. 

Mr Shane Goldner, representing Kookaburra, said they want to produce a new range of shirts with a logo of Australia above the left breast pocket with an arrow pointing to Coober Pedy and declaring it to be the 'Opal Capital of the World'.
The caption is a registered business name in South Australia and was obtained some years ago when setting the tourism website


New Street Lights Appreciated

The Council recently installed extra street lights in the main street to help with security. But the very people that pose the security risk have reportedly told council officials that they are glad the new lights are there - now they can see what they are doing!


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