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With the summer holidays bringing additional traffic to the nation’s roads, Michelin is urging motorists to follow a few simple steps for increased road safely.


While inappropriate speed, drink driving and fatigue remain the major problems and apparent causes of many fatalities, inadequate vehicle maintenance is also a contributing factor in motor vehicle accidents.


While motorists routinely fill up on fuel before a trip and check their oil and water, many forget to do a simple tyre check – particularly the out-of-sight; out-of-mind spare tucked safely away in the boot.


Michelin advises tyres should also be regularly checked for cuts, punctures or abrasions that could lead to tyre failure.


Tyre treads should be checked for uneven and excessive wear and the air pressure monitored to ensure tyres provide the handling, traction and durability of which they are capable.


Improved fuel economy

Both the NRMA and RACQ emphasise the importance of correct tyre pressure for improved fuel economy. In fact the RACQ, recommends setting the pressures slightly higher to improve both fuel economy and vehicle handling.


“Tyres that are low on air pressure have greater rolling resistance which means your car’s engine works harder, using more fuel. Correct tyre pressures will also ensure safer, more secure handling and better tyre life,” says the RACQ.


Michelin Product Marketing Manager, Passenger Car/Light Truck, Pierre Azemat, stated “many people think tyres support the weight of their vehicle, while in fact it’s actually the air pressure inside the tyres that supports the weight”.


“We recommend motorists check their tyre pressure once a fortnight, especially before going on long road trips. Air pressure should always be checked when the tyres are cold before temperature can affect them. Tyres can lose up to 1 PSI per month due to air escaping through the rubber as it stretches,” he said.


“It’s also important to check the air pressure in your spare tyre as these can lose air pressure, especially during the colder months.”


Michelin urges motorists to make sure their tyre treads have sufficient depth. Tyres with a deep tread act as a pump to clear water from the car’s path and help grip the road surface.


“Although the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm, a greater depth will ensure safer motoring when the road is wet,” said Mr Azemat. “If tread wear is uneven have the tyres replaced and the wheel alignment checked.”






Archived edition

Oxiana Update

"Prominent Hill has gone to plan. We increased the resource base very

substantially, completed a pre-feasibility study and have gone straight into the

bankable feasibility study. This is a very valuable project for Oxiana.

Prominent Hill is a great project. We believe it’s one of the world’s best

undeveloped gold and copper deposits, particularly at current gold and copper

prices. The detailed feasibility study is now underway and we expect to have

this completed next year. We are presently working on the various external

and internal approvals as well as infill drilling the current resource and firming

up the engineering studies. We expect to hit the button on construction around

the middle of 2006. Prominent Hill will produce at a rate of between 90,000

and 100,000 tpa of copper, 110,000 to 130,000 ounces pa of gold and there

have been plenty of potential customers lining up to buy the concentrate. The

project is on track and is a very exciting development for us in 2006.

Our priorities at Prominent Hill are to increase the resource base along strike

and prove up into measured and indicated status the existing resources. We

have sufficient resources there to complete the bankable feasibility study and to

get the project started, but we haven’t closed off the ore body yet. Importantly,

on the Prominent Hill tenement area we have developed a very strong

understanding of the geological controls of the Prominent Hill deposit and now

have twelve high priority "lookalike" targets to test within a 7km radius."

MD Owen Hegarty



There will be one more General Meeting for this year, on December 20. 

Last year at the December meeting councillors decided to break with the tradition of putting in apologies in advance for the January meeting. The Mayor, Steve Baines has previously said that council staff could handle everything if councillors decided to go back to opting out of a January meeting.

Carol Singing

The 30th Christmas Carol night was held in Coober Pedy, this year in the school gymnasium.

From the Woomera Gibber Gabber 2nd December 2005


MPS-36 radar system comprising antenna trailer, electronics van and transportable containers (and Bavarian flag)

By Ian Tuohy, BAE Systems

Installation and testing of the MPS-36 radar at the Woomera Rocket Range has been completed following an intensive six week period involving personnel from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the Aerospace Operational Support Group (AOSG), and BAE Systems.

The radar, christened R36 by AOSG, has been used over the past three weeks to track a range of targets including balloons, overflying aircraft, Tiger helicopters and the International Space Station in earth orbit. Staff from AOSG have been trained by DLR in the operati0on and maintenance of the radar which will be used early next year for, among other things, tracking HyShot sounding rockets.

The support of the DLR team, comprising Dietmar Kail and Rupert Pfander, has been vital to the commissioning of the R36 radar at Woomera.


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Imagination ... as summer takes over, the last of the winter snows in the desert mountains disappears, and only the thick ice of glaciers remains as a reminder of winter.

Season's Greetings to all readers

Christmas and New Year Holiday Break - the Coober Pedy News will resume with Issue No. 97 on January 20, 2006.

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