Letters to Editor


I Curse This "Lucky Country" 


My sister and I are too small yet, 

To be playing outside. 

So instead we chase and tumble, 

And play together inside. 

We're growing up together, 

Living happily side by side. 

We'll be friends forever, 

Until the day we both die. 

Our lives are such a blessing, 

We're Australians young and free. . . . 

That's what they say as they sing, 

Our national anthem to me. 

We're thinking of our future, 

And what we'll chose to be. 

Maybe I'll drive a racing car, 

An Australian, young and free. . . 

This would have been our birth year 

But alas, it's 1973. 

My sister and I tremble with fear, 

Surely Mum wouldn't "abort" me? 

We hear them marching in the street, 

"Right to choose, woman's choice"! 

We have hearts, hands and precious feet, 

But no one to hear our voice. 

Our hearts are beating faster with fear, 

As we listen to Mum talking on the phone. 

She turns to Dad, "It's not far from here". 

Condemned by a Mother we've never known. 

Into the mill our Mother goes, 

Pushing past members of "Protect Life". 

Now we're living in fear of our foe, 

Who is armed with a menacing knife. 

We're looking at our hands and precious feet, 

We've nothing else for this fight. 

Our gruesome deaths, we're about to meet. 

It's not fair, we want to live, this isn't right. 

Wait! Mum has changed her mind, 

But the abutchernist pushes her down. 

"No, you'll be just fine"! 

As he starts to raise her gown. 

We're thinking of our Grandad, 

Killed fighting in the war. 

Injustice made him mad, 

It was us he was fighting for. 

We're shaking now in terror, 

As we await the cold hard knife. 

There is no greater error. 

Then to take a small child's life. 

My sister backs away from the knife, 

As I reach to grab the blade. 

I watch as she fights for her life, 

Against a man who our Mother paid. 

Our mouths scream open in pain, 

But the tortured sounds never come out. 

Our silent screams are in vain, 

Drowned out by the "pro-choice" shout. 

This isn't fair, we had no chance or choice. 

We were never consulted, listened to or asked. 

Each year 100, 000 of us have no voice. 

Take your "pro-choice" and shove it, it's a farce. "

Australians all let us rejoice, 

For we are young and free". 

That's what we sing united in voice, . . . 

But that's not true since '73. 

We've been broken, ripped and torn, 

Were we ever young and free? 

And I curse this "Lucky Country" 

That's been killing children since '73. 


Peter Erbacher, Born in 1973. 53 Frangipani St, INALA



State and Territory Governments should require public libraries to ban Internet Pornography as a condition of receiving state funding. 

FAMILY FIRST is alarmed and angry that public libraries are not required by law to install filtering software to block online porn, which includes rape, bestiality and other violent material. An Australian Family Association survey in March of public libraries in Victoria, the ACT and NSW found almost 80 per cent failed to protect children from internet pornography. 

Parents can supervise their children at home but many would have no idea what their children could be seeing when they log on at the local library. This is a huge community concern but the only State to have acted is Tasmania, where the Government has said it would require filters to be installed on library computers this year. 

Governments are simply washing their hands of the issue. They give millions of dollars every year to councils and have a duty to create a safe Internet environment for our kids. 

Surely we should be doing everything we can to protect our kids from such vile material on the Internet. 

Pornography is big business on the Internet and our children are at risk of becoming victims.


Dear Editor 

Following the contact we had during the Collector Recruitment period in the lead up to the 2006 Census, I'd like to ask you to please publish our letter of thanks to your readers for their enthusiasm in applying for Census Collector positions. We received an overwhelming response from the people of Coober Pedy, and as such, would like to express our thanks to them. I look forward to working with you in the lead up to Census night on 8 August. Kind Regards  Jodie O'Dea Public Relations Officer (SA) Census Management Unit t: 08 8237 7511 f: 08 8237 7376 jodie.odea@abs.gov.au