Coober Pedy News

No. 22                                                   January 10, 2003
Letter to Editor

Archived copy

What a pleasure to accidentally come across the Coober Pedy News Web site. It is now 0145hrs in WA & I have spent the last three hours reading every edition available. Whilst I am having a great time right now I will no doubt wonder at my own sanity at 0530hrs when my daughter wakes me to get up!
It has been so refreshing to read all the news from Coober.It is good to know that in all the madness in our world at present there are some things that never change, and I am pleased to see that the antics at council meetings haven't changed too much. It's a pity that some people in town have only just recognised the foolishness of some of the more prominent members of council, and could not have done so a couple of years ago when the hospital underwent a council "beat up", insulting those of us who worked so hard there with only the best of intensions for the community that we served.
I have cried tears of sorrow at some of the stories, and cried tears of laughter at others, enjoying immensely all the pictures of the locals, especially the photos from last years Opal Festival and I felt most keenly a "homesickness" for Coober Pedy.
When my husband and I arrived into town in 1999 we intended to stay for only six weeks, but it was nearly three years later that we pulled out of town (with me crying nearly all the way to Marla!) accompanied by our beautiful new daughter, and with hearts packed full of memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.
To all of our mates there a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year. May you find all the opal that you can carry, and may the electricity stay on long enough to get the beer cold!
Chris & Geoff we miss you tons, and I hope you think of the "rum pig" every Friday night at Happy Hour.
With fond regard,
Karen, Nigel & Tara Court.