Coober Pedy News No. 39

5 September 2003

Letters to Editor

Archived copy

Local Women Attacked

Two well known known and respected local women were attacked by a drunken lout in front of the Post Office one afternoon last week. The first one was backing her car out of a car park when she heard a thud on the back of her car. She stopped to see what caused the thud and was immediately confronted by a drunken lout hurling abuse and obscenities at her. The second woman heard the commotion and went to investigate. As she got nearer the car the lout pulled open the driver's door of the car and smashed the bewildered woman in the side of the head with his fist. By this time the second woman was at the side of the car. She was then set upon and received two thumps to the head.

A staff member of the store immediately called the police and they were on the scene within minutes and arrested the drunken lout.

Thankfully the two women were not seriously hurt, but both of them were badly shaken.

What next? Nothing! The coppers have done their bit, the judiciary will do nothing and the lout is already back on the street. The women now fear their daily trip to the Post Office to collect their mail.

Why will the judiciary do nothing? They and the do-gooders will cry 'poor drunken lout', he's had an unfortunate upbringing. They will do nothing until one of them or theirs becomes the victim and then maybe, just maybe, they'll know how these two women and their families feel.

The sons of the two women, about the same age as the lout, have threatened to establish a vigilante group and deal out some 'eye for an eye' justice, but they would be wrong, wouldn't they!

Many locals and tourists witnessed this ugly scene - wonder what the tourists will tell their friends?

Finally, thanks to the locals who came to the assistance of my wife and her friend and to the coppers for their timely attendance (two patrols attended) and compassion towards the badly shaken, but otherwise okay, women.


Since the above assault took place, on two occasions that my wife has been to the Post Office to collect mail, she  has been confronted by people seeking money or cigarettes. On the first occasion she ignored them, on the second she fled in panic, fearful that if she didn't give them a dollar or a cigarette she would again be assaulted.

My wife is now undergoing counseling to enable her to deal with her daily trip to the Post Office. What a way to have to live!

I'll bet that if this happened to any of the do-gooders, their husband/partner would just sit back and do nothing - pigs might fly. I've chosen to air my concerns to the public, in the hope that a proper and long term solution can be found to this recurring problem.

Geoff Sykes, Coober Pedy