Coober Pedy News No. 41

3  October 2003

Letters to Editor

Archived copy


Greetings from Midland, Texas, USA.
Thru my online friend in Geelong, journalist Bernard Slattery.. aka Slatts, I have kept in touch with the news of Coober Pedy. Actually you printed my "comment" to Slatts website .....a source of great pride for me as most newspapers wouldn't give me the time of day!
I find much to identify with in CP as West Texas is considered by most in the U.S. to be, so to speak, "out in the sticks", and we also are in the mining business, actually oil and gas drilling, but technically it's considered mining. You also appear to be an honest [mostly], hard working, hard living lot of folks, which is our nature here in W. Texas. I also have a bag of opals that I believe came from your area, obtained on a trip to Sydney after the Vietnam war.
I therefore have the privilege of naming Coober Pedy as my personal Sister City in Australia! I'll try to mention you as much as possible on my daily website to increase awareness in the U.S. If you have any fast breaking stories, email them to me and I'll post them right away.
my site:
I hope to visit someday........
Best to you
Wallace Craig
Midland Texas
"The average dog is a nicer person, than the average person"