Coober Pedy News No. 49

6 February 2004

Letters to Editor

Archived copy


Dear Editor - I read your excellent editorial on the nature of guests and how one ought receive them.  I also saw in your metaphor a reference meaning to the nature of our 'guests' and their origin, as well as who determines what is and what is not a 'guest' and why- may I please take issue with your simplistic bundling of asylum seekers and refugees into the same category as intruders and desperados?
I don't wish to remind you or your readers of our duty and obligation to refugees and asylum seekers framed in the United Nations Charter with much of its work done by our own Dr Evatt. 
No sir - with your permission I wish to bring on a better and original proof source that what we do to these souls in search of comfort reflects badly on as humans than on us as a nation.
Firstly - let's deal with strangers. The best and wisest definition of a stranger is a new friend we've not met before.  That was a quote from Bob Mandel - USA psychologist and author of two best selling books on Personal Growth and Inner Peace. They are 'Open Heart Therapy' and 'Two Hearts are better than one.'
Secondly - let's deal with chance encounters with strangers - and think of that person as a new friend we'd not met before.  "There is no such thing as a chance encounter.  All encounters are planned by One whose only wish is for your greatest happiness."  I'll reveal the author of that passage and the following quotes from Him in a moment. Imagine He stepped off a boat uninvited and asked you for shelter. Hold that image and read His messages.
but Thirdly -  He is remembered by many for these immortal words published in a best selling book - alas read too little, by too few, mostly for all the wrong reasons, as after all the hype is laid aside, the New Testament is a Book on Love - never intended to be used as a weapon to intimidate, judge, conquer or divide.  He said.
"When two or more gather in my name, there am I with them."
That same man said this. "Whom so ever you turn away in your name, along with them you also turn away me from you."
Do not be alarmed as you read these words - nor righteously indignant.  They come from Him who promised he 'would never leave us.'  He needs helpers not worshippers. These words too he sends.
"It is  not up to you to change your Brother - but merely to accept him as he is.
Nor is it up to you to save this world - but it is up to you to change your mind about it.
When you meet another person it is always a Holy Encounter - it is Holy because you are.  How you treat Him is how you treat yourself. How you think about him is how you think about your self. You will either find yourself or lose yourself. In him is the key to your salvation.
 I was a born a man, like you, in the First Coming of Christ - for Christ is the creation of everything.  All that the Second Coming of Christ means is the end of the ego's rule over your mind and the return of common sense."
Even my disciples misunderstood this for they too were through their own imperfect sense of guilt - which was their ego talking, not I, unable to see my message  
The message of the crucifixion I want you to understand is this.  Teach only love, for that is what you are.
As for my resurrection, this is the only meaning I would have you give it. Teach not that I died in vain - but teach that I did not die, and nor will you.
We all teach what we need to learn.  I have completed my learning and I will wait until the end of time until each one of you completes yours. You will complete it and in this world.
Heaven is here, there is no where else.  Heaven is now, there is no other time.
They who come to you seeking comfort express and appeal for help.  Those who wage war and make conflict also express an appeal for help.  Everything that is not an expression of love, is an appeal for help and understanding, nothing more.
There are no laws of this world that make sense but God's Laws.  I come to you of Him. 
I said I would never leave you comfortless and would send the Holy Spirit to be that Source of Comfort - why would you turn Him away?  Turn no-one away from your love or your forgiveness.
And before you are tempted to rush into making the same mistake - forgiveness is the most misunderstood term, so I will restate it for you. All forgiveness means is; to overlook what you think your brother has done to you, as if it never happened!  No more - no less. 
No-one trespassed and no-one trespasses.  All go where My Heavenly Father sends them, to do His bidding, not that judged through your ego.  I would leave you but briefly to ponder on this. Remember me as you remember my words.
These words I send you today are published words - not found in the Bible - but words I dictated to Dr Helen Schucman to deliver to you as A Course in Miracles.  There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  None are maximal or minimal. Yet the use of miracles to induce belief is an inappropriate use of miracles. A miracle does nothing. All it does is undo.  It is when you change your own mind from and ego view of His World to one of sharing His Blessings.
There is a Course in Miracles.  It is a required Course.  It is not up to you to change the curriculum.  It is up to you to choose how long it takes you to complete it. The Course does not set out to teach the meaning of love, for that is beyond teaching.  It does set out to help you remove all the barriers to love, which you erected.
The opposite of love is fear.  Yet what is all encompassing can have no opposite.
My Course can be summed up simply as saying, 'Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.'
To delay in eternity is meaningless.  To delay in time, is tragic. When you attack another - you attack yourself."
God Be With You
Where is the thief who steals into your home uninvited?  In your mind and by your ego's judgement a potential source of attack - the most characteristic invention of our ego is to set us up to prove the false is always true. Neither God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit who speaks to us for Him and is always waiting to speak to us recognize the existence or the authority of our ego - so why should we?  "Let my people come - set my people free!"  is an expression of Love, not an appeal for help.
Mary Magdelina Wood
Holy Angels
Farrell Flat



 (A separate copy of this letter has been sent to John Howard)

What is wrong with keeping jobs in Australia?? 
 What is wrong with exporting carcass/packed meat???? 
 Who is getting all the money??? 
 As a sheep farmer I get less for my prime lambs when they are sold locally to Australian markets, than if I sold them for live export. WHY? 
There are less transport costs, no sheep die on the way to the abattoirs, minimal suffering and misery and no insurance claims are made. 
Why should the countries from the Middle East pay extra dollars for the same animals?

Who is cheating the Middle East countries and putting the extra dollars in their pocket? (The Keniry Report identified that the sheep on the "Cormo Express" were not what they were stated to be) 
Why is there government financial support for the live export business?

How does one find information on the tariff and subsidy arrangements?

Where can we find out how much the live export industry "donates" to the government and the opposition? 
Where can we find out how much Austrade pays the live exporters? 
 To what extent is the taxpayer funding the industry?

Why should the taxpayer pay for this?

It is not necessary, Australia is more than capable of producing an excellent export business in carcass/packed meat, it is already being done and being done so well that there is great demand for this high quality product. There is no high quality product after weeks of standing in excrement, not being able to lie down and sleep, eating dry pelletized food, breathing in ammonia fumes, which, in case people are not aware of it, causes animals severe eye and respiratory distress. That is why so many sheep are blind when they reach their destination. The animals are also being forced to drink contaminated water and eat contaminated food this is how disease starts. 

Just because there is no visible evidence of a disease when animals are stressed to this maximum capacity, does not mean that their bodies do not start to break down immediately and disease starts to set in. I would never eat meat from an animal which has suffered such conditions. In fact it is my understanding that the Islamic belief, is not to eat meat which is unclean or not perfect in any way. Blindness, filthy bodies from excrement, bruising from being beaten, slashed tendons, etc, etc, do the people who end up eating this tainted meat know the condition of the animal and when and how it was slaughtered. The meat these countries are getting is of very inferior quality as a result. They are not getting what Australians get on their dinner table. I challenge any individual from any culture who condones live export - I challenge you to taste my lambs, and then taste the meat from an animal which has suffered to this horrific extent. There is absolutely no comparison.

The Middle Eastern countries are being short changed and so are the animals - desperately so. My lambs are just delicious, the meat melts in the mouth, even at 14 months old. Just because an animal is used for food, does not give us the right to take away respect and compassion for it, and it should have the right to a death without pain and fear.

 Dr Wirth should be aware that in stressed - and distressed animals, the adrenalin flows, into the blood, which must be drained , this is the religious law, (religious law also forbids cruelty to animals) but the animals on  the ships have had adrenalin pumping for 3 or 4 weeks. The adrenalin is in the meat, and when they arrive at their destination, and are kept in these so called feedlots in extreme temperatures, they are beaten, and they dehydrate, the adrenalin continues to flow because of the ongoing distress. 

Here in Australia at our abattoirs where the rules and regulations are so strict, the animals are kept for 24 hours quietly in a pen, not overcrowded ( I have seen this for myself). The animals are pre-stunned, so that they do not know what is happening to them or feel pain, so there is no stress, the end result is quality meat on the dinner table. The most important thing is that the animals are pre-stunned, no taking minutes to die, no stringing up to bleed to death while still alive. No slashing of the tendons, no beatings with rods, no throwing from great heights. 

When is our Government going to ban live export in accordance with the majority of public opinion? 
When is our Government going to show concern for living, feeling, animals? 
When is the RSPCA going to stand up and be counted and denounce this trade for the cruelty and misery that it is? 

Does Australia still have freedom of speech, or is that going to be taken away from us, like the duty of care and welfare to these suffering creatures in the live export trade?
Animal welfare people will not give up, our message will grow bigger and bigger, this is now an international protest from all countries, from all people who have compassion for the poor, pitiful creatures who cannot defend themselves against human immorality and greed. .


Ba Ba Black Ship

(Marilyn Mangione, Sheep Farmer)


This letter will also be sent to other Political Parties, RSPCA, and all those who condone this type of cruelty. Also this letter will be sent to Newspapers and media contacts that I have. Anyone receiving this letter has my permission to forward on to whomever they please, in the fight against live export.

The Hon Kim Chance

Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (WA)

Dear Sir,

I am sure you fully comprehend the contents of my letter just by reading the subject heading. No, I am not a stupid brainless female, who has nothing better to do with her time.

Some background, my father was a Petty Officer during the Second World War, in the Navy. My father joined the Navy at a very young age, so that he could send money home to his family on their farm at Five Ways, Victoria. They had Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Beef. My father's family owned many acres, into the hundreds, and also had possession of the land at Lang Lang which is now the GMH proving grounds. This land at Lang Lang was lost during the depression because they could not pay the rates. During the depression, they ate bread with milk and sugar. The occasional rabbit and chook. My father went to England to bring the HMAS Shropshire back to Australia. This proud ship was noted for her accurate hits, my father was in charge of some of the big guns. My grandparents worked all their life on the land, and so did their parents before them, on both sides of my family. My father also fought at the battle of the Coral Sea.

My mother at age 6, was driving a 3 horse team of Clydesdales and harrows on her father's farm at Clyde, and got into trouble if she tipped the harrows on the corners. My mother alongside her sister who was 2 years old than herself, planted potatoes by hand and also corn. They had to strip Blackwood Wattles of the bark to sell to the Tanneries for money for the farm. They like all other farmers at this time, had no power, no sewage, no washing machines, everything was done by hand. They walked to school, hail, rain, heat.

I was taught many values by my parents, prevention of cruelty to animals, was one of those values. Taking care of and looking after my pet dog and cats during my childhood was of great benefit to me. I am now 57 years of age, I attended Korowa Church of England Girls Grammar School in Glen Iris, Victoria. My parents went without so that I could do this. My very first employment was with Dudley Tregent, Solicitors in Collins Street, Melbourne. After several years of looking after 2 children I commenced work again, and worked for 13 years with a company called Tennyson Textiles, which was closed down and moved to Tasmania during the 1990's depression we had to have. I commenced immediately with a company called Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia Pty Ltd at Noble Park, and have been working there ever since. I have taught my children the same values that I was taught and must say that both my adult children are responsible adults now with their own children and by the grace of God, neither of my children have ever had a drug problem.

I have a small home in Doveton, and purchased a farm in Strathbogie, Victoria, where I breed prime lambs.

The foregoing information, is only to show to you, that I am not a ratbag, I am not a protestor hired for money to make a nuisance of myself. I ask you to look inside yourself and ask, what values have you taught your children? What values can you pass on to your children? Certainly not the values of preventing pain and suffering to innocent creatures which 'mancruel' uses for sustenance and nutrition. In all conscience how can you allow animals to suffer so dreadfully on ships which have already been the subject of past enquiries. Then to have the knowledge of what these animals will further suffer, and allow these ill, weak, blind, creatures to suffer a death so painful, so full of fear, so full of cruelty, where is your conscience, tied up with your pay cheque??

Australia is more than capable of producing quality pre-packed Halal meat for export, it has been done before and it can be done again. Fremantle 15th December 2003, where were you, tucked up in bed, comfortable, safe, while animals were being crushed to death because of overloading trucks. Which I understand is the norm. Do you celebrate Christmas, do you celebrate Easter, or have you forgotten the meaning of the 'Lamb of God. Do you call yourself a Christian?? All through the Bible sheep are referred to as being the most innocent, in fact so innocent, this animal was chosen to represent in symbolic form the most important Humanbeing in the History of the World, Jesus Christ.

It is up to us now, not tomorrow, not next week, to stop live export right this very minute. The economy of Australia will not suffer. It will boom. This letter is not only aimed at yourself Mr Chance, but also aimed at all Politicians, all farmers, all RSPCA Board Members, all people who condone this trade in all animal misery.


Marilyn Mangione Sheep Farmer

Editor's note: Indeed, in the White Pages Directory for Regional Victoria, there is an entry for: Mangione M  5389 Brookleigh Rd Strathbogie 3666  (03) 5790 5135