Coober Pedy News
       No. 64                                          3 September  2004

Letters to Editor

Archived copy


Gays Declare the Australian Territory of the Coral Sea Islands an Independent Sovereign Gay nation as compensation for losing the right to marry.

After months of hearing politicians trying to justify why same sex couples should not be equal under law, and after witnessing the national parliament effectively say that same sex relationships are less loving, committed and worthwhile then their heterosexual counterparts, we in the gay community have had a gutful.

On hearing that legislation banning us from marring and adopting children had been passed, the Australian flag was lowered in the Commonwealths uninhabited Coral Sea Islands (that many gay activists have recently permanently settled) and replaced with the Gay Rainbow Flag and the Commonwealth's former overseas territory of the Coral Sea Islands was proclaimed the world’s first independent gay nation.

The proclamation was broadcast from Cato Island, the highest point in the Coral Sea, and the Governor General of Australia along with every federal politician was issued with a copy of the gay nation’s declaration of independence. The proclamation was based on the American declaration of Independence stating the issue was one of equality. Further information may be obtained from the Gay Government's official web site at

Dale Anderson

4/44 Moray Street

New Farm

QLD 4005




Editor's note: On an uninhabited Coral Sea Island is probably the best place for you all to be.