Coober Pedy News
       No. 70                                                        26 November 2004

Letters to the Editor

         Archived copy          

The Editor,  

Dear Sir / Madam, 


Very Difficult to Contact Many Retired Officers or Even Current Officers/Instructors. (NOT Under Officers, Please.) 

A Group are Lobbying for Recognition of your Service in the Australian Cadet System. You have been ignored for far too long.

PLEASE contact URGENTLY , for further information.  

Preferably email. 

Dave MARRINON, Brunswick Heads, NSW.

Dear Madam or Sir, 

Subject: My Dutch success story of The Sturt's Desert Pea. 

I have a cute Dutch news tip for you. I finally succeeded after 3 years, to grow the Sturts Desert Pea in The Netherlands, with the help of a marihuana lamp, which of course is designed for growing marihuana.  Raising the Australian Sturt's Desert Pea from seed in Holland is very difficult, almost impossible. It became even national news in ''De Volkskrant''.  It is a stunning beautiful flower and I was always so touched by it. The flowers have formed seeds, and I hope next year they germinate forming new flowers. I know it is the Flora Symbol of South Australia.

Maybe you would like to pay a little attention towards this botanical Dutch success story? It is not great news, I am aware of that, but it is just cute positive news. If you want, please call or E-mail me. My English is fine.  The story is very funny, because when I bought this marihuana lamp for the Sturt's Desert pea, I said to the salesman that I wanted to grow the Sturt's Desert Pea under this marihuana lamp. This salesman was looking at me as if I was kidding. But it was actually the truth. 

So a little piece of Australia has flowered in Holland few weeks ago under a marihuana lamp! 

If you want I can send you a very good picture of my Dutch Sturt's Desert Pea, taken by a professional photographer. The picture has a very high resolution. 

Kind regards, 

Ronald Cools 

Vinkenbaan 1 3815 RC Amersfoort The Netherlands Tel. 00-31-033-4756799