Letters to Editor

Archived copy

Margie Bass

77 Keymer Street

Belmont WA 6104


22 July 2005


With an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK with an estimated
untraceable one hundred thousand in London alone, it is obvious that the
people have had to pay the price for the non-action of a lily-livered
leadership, who did not have the courage to do what John Howard has done.
That being to make sure that illegal entrants to Australia are kept to a
minimum by detaining such people until their claims are accepted or they are
sent back to where the came from.

I notice there are no loony-left bleeding hearts taking responsibility for
the carnage no-doubt carried out by anti-western infiltrators to the United
Kingdom.  Of course they will have gone to ground here as well, but no doubt
when the grieving and sorrow has died down we will be hearing them once
again decrying the responsible efforts by our own Federal Government, that
we should all be grateful, and thankful, for.

Let us not forget that the road to a London type hell is paved with (fuzzy feeling) good intentions.