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Students in higher education worldwide can go back to school in September with the comforting thought 
that what they research, design or develop in a college or university can be registered online to prove the 
origin of their work (their intellectual property) free. 
There are numerous cases of teachers and professors plagiarizing the work of their students, not to mention 
students stealing IP from one another. But the problem escalates when they leave college and start work. 
In a recent survey carried out by File-Reg.com 37.5% of advertising agencies experienced plagiarism, while 72.9% of television producers suffered the same problem. Other research carried out by Ibas.com had shown that 69.6% of blue collar workers had stolen corporate documents and information.
Many experts agree, education is the key but there is little education on intellectual property in higher education. 
In an effort to create a better awareness of intellectual property protection during education students may now register their work free of charge at intellectual property* registration giant File-Reg.com. Hereby they hope they crime rate of IP theft will drop when people learn at a young age the value of IP , and the modern
methods of proving the origin of the copyright. 

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