Letters to Editor


After reading this report "Anger over attack on Christmas" in yesterdays Sunday Mail 4th Dec 2005,


I honestly feel that this needs to be said: 

When is all this rubbish going to stop, it is time that they adapt to our ways , not us to theirs. It is time they change their ramadan, as it OFFENDS US. They can't have everything their way that is not right. 

This is our country not theirs. 

Time for them to remove their rags that they wear in public, as them doing so OFFENDS US by doing so, they can wear their rags in their homes not out in public. 

It is time they adapt to our way of life, otherwise leave our country!!!!!! Before they even come here they should learn English and also sign an undertaking to dress sensibly, keep their religious beliefs to themselves and abide by our country's laws and beliefs. 

Very concerned, proud Australian Vietnam Veteran