Coober Pedy Fodder and Fish - Loose Gemstones, Australian Opal. 

Resurrection Motors  . Coober Pedy

Download a Map of Coober Pedy   in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.  

Outback Road Report  - From the SA Department of Transport

Cape Raoul Walking Track, Tasmania

Opals Guaranteed for Australian opal, opal jewelry, black opal and opal rough. Also features a knowledge center and popular monthly opal newsletter. - the meeting place for Gemseekers, Tourists, and Miners

alike, lots of stories, pictures and information about the CQ Gemfields and


Opal Art Inlay Jewelry
Inlay artist creates and sells a diverse range of Australian opal inlay jewelry.
Largely using Australian Lightning Ridge black opal and crystal opal to create original opal inlay jewelry.

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Australian Opals + Opal Jewelry + Opal Information

Love Opals? The best range of Australian Opals, Opal Jewelry, and Opal Information @ Opals Down Under online. Opal Pendants, Opal Rings, and Loose Opals. Black Opal, White Opal, Boulder Opal & Crystal Opal.

Desert Fire Opal


 Berryd Opals, Coober Pedy Australian Opal Field price selling for the opal miner 

Berryd Opals have Rough opal, Gem Quality, Solid opals, Doublets and Triplet opal, Specimen, fossil and Opal Jewellery including opal rings. Coober Pedy field prices as I sell for the miners. We hope by using this website you experience opal at its best with the advantage of the latest Secure Credit Card Transactions

World Class Opal

 Jewellery Style

 Stylish, highly affordable jewellery that's every girl's best friend, in
gorgeous contemporary designs including silver, diamonds and body jewellery.


Graham Black Opal

 Opal black opal jewelry Opal producer and explorations, exporter wholesaler with

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