Monday 2 July 2012

Special Edition 12

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Dear Editor,

Even before it has commenced, the carbon tax has damaged the economy and cost jobs. 

From Sunday, electricity and gas prices across Australia will increase. Over coming months, these increases will filter into the prices of goods and services across the economy. 

These price increases will cost jobs and make our country less competitive.

The longer the carbon tax is in place, the worse the impact will be on families and the economy as the carbon tax is legislated to go up and up.


Scrapping the carbon tax quickly is critical to reducing the damage.


Today I am releasing the Coalition’s Plan to Abolish the Carbon Tax. 

Our plan will start on day one of a Coalition Government.

On day one I will instruct the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to draft legislation to repeal the carbon tax.

This legislation will be approved by Cabinet within the first month. On the first sitting day of the new Parliament, I will introduce the bill that will repeal the carbon tax.

The repeal of the carbon tax will be the first piece of legislation to be debated in the Parliament.

I expect that the Parliament will respect the mandate of the people, should we win the election, and repeal the carbon tax.

To oppose the mandate of a government elected on a platform of abolishing the carbon tax would be as reprehensible as the Gillard Government’s action to introduce a carbon tax without a mandate from the people. 

If Labor and the Greens combine to block the express will of the Australian people, a Coalition Government would seek dissolution of both Houses of Parliament.  We would then introduce the legislation to abolish the carbon tax at a subsequent Joint Sitting of the Parliament.

Unlike the Prime Minister, I mean what I say: there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.


Yours sincerely,

Tony Abbott MHR

Leader of the Opposition


Far North Football League Inc

Results for round 8 22nd/23rd June


Olympic Dam 29 goals 17 behinds 191 points defeated Coober Pedy 3 goals 5 behinds 23 points

Best players for Olympic Dam 1st R. Bennett2nd R. Kruger 3rd T. Hornhardt 4th M. Spinks

5th D. Summerton

Gal scorers R. Bennett 9 goals D. Summerton 8 goals, D. Moyse B. Rynne 3 goals each, S. Peek

D. Emes L. Francou R. Kruger M. Shaw C. Linn 1 goal each

Best players for Coober Pedy 1st B. Warren 2nd T. Hannes 3rd K. Aitken 4th D. Dodd 5th T. Walker

Goal scorers A. Finn D. Warren, F. Naylon 1 goal each

Roxby Districts 14 goals 10 behinds 94 points defeated Hornridge Sporting Club 8 goals 10 behinds 58 points

Best players for Roxby Districts 1st J. Rose 2nd J. Chislett 3rd D. Pegler 4th C. Hall

5th J Mandemaker
Goal scorers D. Hargraves 7 goals, J. Watson 3 goals, R. Prosser 2 goals, J. Mandemaker

C. Gibson 1 goal each

Best players for Hornridge 1st B. Casey 2nd A. Robinson 3rd B. Grimston 4th N. Thomas

5th N. Tutthill
Goal scorers J. Harman N. Tutthill 2 goals each, B. Casey N. Thomas B. Cooper T. Grosser 1 goal each



Suns 7 goals 0 behinds 42 points defeated Giants 5 goals 1 behinds 31 points


Best players for Suns 1st B C Blieschke 2nd M Lowe 3rd B DÁrrigo 4th R Holder 5th J Jones

Goal scorers B DÁrrigo 3 goals R Holder 2 goals J Van Kruyssen C Blieschke 1 goal each


Best players Giants 1st B Ryan 2nd J Dalgliesh 3rd S Perkins 4th K Weston 5th M Lynch

Evan Morris 2 goals H Paull M Lynch J Dalgleish 1 goal each


Bulldogs 3 goals 3 behinds 21 points defeated Hawks 2 goals 2 behinds 14 points


Best players for Bulldogs 1st D Cambell 2nd C Macgowen 3rd F Arbon 4th B Chamberlain

 5th J Gotch

Goal scorers C Seary B Honner K Kendall 1 goal each


Best players for Hawks 1st T Turner 2nd B Caden 3rd Lachlan 4th B Daddow 5th T Schell

Goal scorers B Daddow 1 goal other goal unknown



Hawks 8 goals 12 behinds 60 points defeated Bulldogs 6 goals 4 behinds 40 points


Best players for Hawks 1st J Mason 2nd S Caputo 3rd J Secker 4th M Hanson 5th B Daddow

Goal scorers S Caputo 4 goals L Hobbs 2 goals J Secker J Pillar 1 goal each


Best players for Bulldogs 1st L Rawlins 2nd H Jacka 3rd K Stevens 4th B Glasspool 5th E Zeptner

Goal scorers K Stevens 3 goals L Holder L Rawlins R Moroney 1 goal each


Suns 9 goals 7 behinds defeated Giants 7 goals 3 behinds 45 points

Best players for Suns 1st L Weston 2nd S Bacon 3rd J Brind 4th B Viljeon 5th N Dunn

Goal scorers J Brind 4 goals B French 2 goals D Moss J McCarthy L Johnson 1 goal each


Best players for Giants 1st J Emmerson Sellar 2nd D Kenny 3rd B Evans 4th L Baker 5th W Steer

Goal scorers M Steer J Dalgleish 2 goals each B Gates K Gates J Emmerson Sellars 1 goal each



Best players for Hawks 1st M Hanson 2nd J Secker 3rd S Caputo 4th M Munodawata 5th L Hobbs

Goal scorers S Kerrish M Ryan 1 goal each

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