Monday 30 July 2012

Special Edition 14

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FORMER Coober Pedy Area School principal Sue Burtenshaw will receive damages after the final in a series of defamation claims was judged in her favour today.

                        Monday 30 July

                                  Court Reporter Andrew Dowdell




Adelaide Magistrate Bill Morris issued a summary judgment in favour of Ms Burtenshaw against Yvonne Knueppel, over a series of Facebook comments made in 2010.

The defamation claim centred around a Facebook page titled "We do not want Sue back at Coober Pedy at all!!!!"

Ms Burtenshaw took civil defamation action against five parents and former students, and claimed comments by parents and students on the site had painted her as an "unfriendly bitch".

She argued the Facebook page had claimed she was corrupt, bullied staff and parents and behaved inappropriately and that the comments were an attack on her "professional ability, morals and ethics".

Her lawyer Carey Goodall today said another of the defendants - parent Priscilla Larkins - had made a defamation payment to his client last Friday and he had filed a notice of discontinuance in that case.

In March and May, notices of discontinuance were filed for three other defendants after they agreed to settle out of court.

Mr Morris agreed to make a judgment against Ms Knueppel, saying that while she had lodged a defence, it did "not disclose any arguable defence" to the defamation claim.

Mr Goodall said the issue of how much compensation his client was entitled to was difficult to predict because the defamation had occurred on Facebook.

"It would be in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 but it would be a matter for Your Honour after hearing evidence," Mr Goodall said.

Mr Morris listed the hearing for costs in November.

The Teacher's Appeal Board last year ruled the Department of Education had acted unjustly and unreasonably in transferring Ms Burtenshaw from her position as principal in July 2010.

Ms Burtenshaw - formerly known as Sue Lewis - was removed as Coober Pedy principal after a six-month department investigation into complaints from parents about her "tough" approach to discipline and school management


Parent fails to attend defamation hearing

By court reporter Loukas Founten

Adelaide Magistrates Court has entered a default judgment against a woman who was accused of defaming the former principal of the Coober Pedy Area School.

Sue Burtenshaw claimed she was defamed on a Facebook hate page by the parents of two Coober Pedy students and a former student of Gepps Cross Girls High School, where she was previously principal.

Sue Burtenshaw said she was defamed and humiliated

She said the trio's comments had damaged her reputation and caused her humiliation.

Last May, the Magistrates Court was told the claims against the former student and one of the parents had been settled outside court.

Now the court has entered a default judgment against the other parent who failed to attend the hearing.

The court was told she had filed a defence months ago suggesting she was seeking legal advice but had not made any further contact.

The matter will return to court in November to assess damages to be paid.



Results for Round 13 28TH July 2012


Roxby Districts 13 goals 7 behinds 85 points defeated Hornridge 9 goals 7 behinds 61 points

Best players for Roxby 1st D. Pegler 2nd  E. Zeptner 3rd C. Gibson 4th J. Chislett

5th M. Kenyon
GOALS, Roxby Districts Sporting Club :
E. Zeptner 4 goals J. Watson 3 goals A. Stone 2, J. Kenny 2 goals, J. Mandemaker

 C. Gibson 1 goal each

Best player for Hornridge 1st B. Casey, 2nd S. Schwartz 3rd B. Grimston 4th C. Jurek,

5th A. Webster
Hornridge Sporting Club :
C. Jurek  J. Harman 3 goals, B. Casey  A. McVilly  B. Kelly 1 goal each

Olympic Dam 32 goals 14 behinds 206 points defeated Coober Pedy 1 point (1)

Best player for Olympic Dam 1st D. Summerton 2nd  D. Moyse 3rd T. Hornhardt 4th M. Shaw, 5th C. Linn
Goal scorers D. Summerton 19 goals R. Kruger M. Spinks L. Copeland 2goals each M. Freeth B. Harris  D. Moyse N. Howard  M. Shaw  D. Emes  C. Linn 1 goal each

Best players forCoober Pedy 1st M. Grava 2nd  P. Larkins 3rd  K. Larkins 4th  R. Williams

5th T. Stewart



Suns 8 goals 3 behinds 48 points defeated Giants 2 goals 7 behinds 19 points


Best players for Suns 1st B French 2nd M Lowe 3rd R Holder 4th E Trethowen

5th J VanKayssen

Goal scorers not available


Best players and goal scorers for Giants not available


Bulldogs 5 goals 8 behinds 38 points defeated Hawks 4 goals 4 behinds 28 points


Best players for Bulldogs 1st L Johnson 2nd H Wellgreen 3rd B Chamberlain 4th F Arbon

5th C Macgowen

Goal scorers L Johnson 2 goals L Elliot C Macgowen A McKenzie 1 goal each


Best players for Hawks 1st C Fennwick 2nd T Harrison 3rd B Daddow 4th H Michels

 5th B Caden

Goal scorers B Daddow 3 goals T Turner 1 goal




Hawks 16 goals 7 behinds 97 points defeated Bulldogs 2 goals 4 behinds 14 points


Best players for Hawks 1st A Ryan 2nd J Mason 3rd J Secker 4th B Daddow 5th S Caputo

Goal scorers B Daddow 4 goals B Caden C Trussler 2 goals each J Mason S Caputo M Hansen J Pillar A Ryan B Caden C Fennwick 1 goal each


Best players for Bulldogs 1st J Zeptner 2nd R Weetra 3rd E Zeptner 4th L Rawlins

5th R Moroney

Goal scorers E Zeptner L Holder 1 goal each


Giants 19 goals 19 behinds 115 points defeated Suns 4 goals 24 points

Best players for Suns 1st J McCarthy 2nd L Weston 3rd E Viljoen 4th K McCarthy

5th S Bacon

 Goal scorers E Viljoen B Gambell L Johnson B Fench 1 goal each


Best players for Giants 1st J Emmerson Sellars 2nd E Taylor 3rd B Evans 4th M Lamb

5th C Taylor

Goal scorers J Emmerson Sellars 6 goals B Evans 4 goals J Male K Gates 2 goals each B Forrest C Taylor J Dalgleish 1 goal each .



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