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Monday 7 October 2013

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Coober Pedy grog bans promise 'positive impact'

Wed 2 Oct 2013, http://www.abc.net.au/

The liquor licensing commissioner says restrictions on the sale of takeaway alcohol in Coober Pedy will improve public safety in the town.

One of several changes introduced is a ban on selling alcohol to people from prescribed lands such as the APY Lands.
Liquor licensing commissioner Paul White says people from those areas can still drink alcohol at licensed premises.
He says he consulted extensively to determine how to reduce social problems in the town.
"All of the conditions relate specifically to takeaway alcohol, now the reason for this is based on public order, public safety and I'm optimistic that the conditions will have a positive impact on the community and also on those prescribed lands where we know a lot of grog running was taking place," he said.
"I have legislated support for what I've done.
"I have the agreement or consent of the community leaders and there was broad consultation and I'm agreeable to review the conditions in six months' time."

New alcohol rules in Coober Pedy

The new take-away conditions specifically state:
• The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person who resides at a ‘prescribed land’ identified as Umoona Community, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, Ngaanyatjarra Lands and Tjuntjuntjura Lands in Western Australia, or the Northern Territory communities of Docker River/Kaltukutjara, Imanpa/Mt Ebenezer, Hermannsburg/Ntarja, Maryvale/Tijikala, Santa Teresa/Ltyentye Apurte and Finke/Aputula.
• The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person if the licensee has reason to suspect the liquor may be taken to a ‘prescribed land’ as defined herein.
• The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption to any person who does not produce photographic identification.
• Photographic identification means a current driver’s licence, international passport, proof of age card issued by the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure or equivalent in another Australian State or Territory.
• The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption other than between 11am - 8pm each day.
• The licensee shall not sell or supply liquor for off-premises consumption in a container commonly known as a cask.
• The licensee shall ensure that the sale or supply of wine, port wine, fortified wine or spirits for off premises consumption is limited to the maximum of 750 ml per person per day.

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Miho Christian Alavija, who raped and killed Anne Neumann at Coober Pedy, to be deported back to Croatia


Police search mineshafts at Coober Pedy for murder victim Anne Neumann. Source: Supplied

THE man responsible for one of South Australia's most horrific murders is likely to be deported to Croatia this month.
Miho Christian Alavija, who raped German tourist Anne Neumann and then threw her down a mineshaft at Coober Pedy in 1993, was advised by the Immigration Department on September 9 that his visa had been revoked and he would be deported when he was released from prison on parole.
Alavija, now 43, was sentenced to life with a 20-year non-parole period after being convicted of Ms Neumann's 1993 murder. That non-parole period expired on September 8.
Sources have revealed Alavija will face a Parole Board hearing later this month. If parole is approved, the recommendation will go before Executive Council for ratification. If approved, Alavija will be deported immediately or held in a detention centre until a flight is arranged. Parole Board spokesman Kevin Hill said Alavija's parole application would not be influenced by any decision made by authorities to deport him.
"His matter will be considered in the same way every other lifer is considered,'' he said.
"The Parole Board will be applying the criteria for release that is required under the Act. Those criteria include, principally, a determination if he remains a threat to the community. If that remains the case the Board may well refuse that release.''
The disappearance of Ms Neumann, 22, sparked one of the largest investigations in SA history, as police grappled with a possibility a serial killer may have been targeting women in Coober Pedy.
She vanished just 19 months after Italian tourist Anna Rosa Liva disappeared and three years after local girl Karen Williams was last seen in the Outback town. While Alavija was a person of interest from the outset in the Neumann case - he was one of the last people seen talking to her when he gave her a lift in his car - he was not arrested for another eight weeks.
The breakthrough came when one of two men he had told about her murder contacted police and led detectives to the murder scene on the Olympic opal field, 9km from the town. Ms Neumann's body was recovered from the mine shaft two days later.
The disappearance of Anna Rosa Liva and Karen Williams are not connected to the Neumann murder - Alavija was not in Coober Pedy when both vanished.
Former Major Crime Detective Sergeant Mick Standing, who arrested Alavija, said he felt his non-parole period was "somewhat lenient''.
"It was one of the most brutal murders that I ever investigated,'' he said.
"She was alive when he threw her down the mineshaft and he lied all the way through our inquiry and the trial. I thought he deserved more than 20 years.''
A spokesman for the Croatian consulate in Canberra said any criminal who served their prison sentence was free to enter Croatia, but it was likely Interpol would notify Croatian authorities when such a person was deported there.CASE THAT SHOCKED A NATION
German backpacker Anne Neumann, 22, arrived in Coober Pedy on a bus from Alice Springs on the night of July 14, 1993. She was last seen later that night in local man Miho Alavija's car. She was reported missing two days later when the owner of the hostel she had booked into noticed her bed had not been slept in.
An unprecedented investigation was launched, but for eight weeks her whereabouts remained a mystery despite numerous police appeals.
The breakthrough came when a local man contacted police and advised them a friend of his had information on the case. That man, and then a second, led police to the mineshaft containing Ms Neumann's body.
At Alavija's trial the jury heard he had taken the two men to the mineshaft the day after he had murdered her. The pair gave evidence at the trial and he was convicted and given a life sentence with a 20-year non-parole period.

IMX and Red Cross partner for a healthier Coober Pedy

IMX Resources and Red Cross announced on 24 September a new community partnership that will see an expansion of Red Cross’ health and nutrition programs in Coober Pedy. “We’re proud to make this commitment to continue our support of the health and nutrition programs in Coober Pedy and support the great work that Red Cross does in the community,” says Mr Neil Meadows, Managing Director of IMX Resources.
Red Cross has been delivering services in Coober Pedy for more than five years and runs Good Start Breakfast Clubs which provide a healthy breakfast to school children in both Coober Pedy and Marree. The success of the programs has led IMX Resources to expand their support with the introduction of FOODcents, a program which will build on the breakfast club concept by working with parents and students to encourage participants to live healthier lifestyles and includes tips on shopping, cooking, budgeting and exercise.
“IMX sees FOODcents as a logical progression from the excellent foundation that the Good Start Breakfast Club has built over the past five years,” says Mr Steve Staines, External Relations Manager with IMX Resources. The new partnership will see IMX Resources work directly with Red Cross to deliver nutrition and cooking classes in Coober Pedy in the coming months with the aim to make healthy cooking a part of everyday life for families in the area.
Isla Woidt is the Red Cross team leader for food and nutrition programs in South Australia. “We hope that participants will learn that buying pre-packaged or takeaway food actually works out more expensive and is nutritionally poor. With a little effort you can save money and provide better food for your family which leads to better health throughout life,” says Mrs Woidt. “There’s something really special about cooking a meal together and eating as a family,” she says.
Steve Staines says IMX and Red Cross share similar values. “IMX Resources plans to have a positive presence in Coober Pedy for many more years and we have always seen ourselves as a strong and supportive member of our community. By becoming a Loyalty Partner of Red Cross, we are partnering with a global humanitarian organisation that makes a positive difference to local people and local communities.”
Mrs Woidt agrees.
“We really see some great opportunities to work together and look forward to making this a great partnership that will provide short and long-term benefits for the Coober Pedy community.”
This partnership will be launched on the 18th October in Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy Church Leader Retires

George McCormack and his wife Christine have retired from their leadership position at the Coober Pedy Australian Christian Churches fellowship in Paxton Road.
A large crowd of wellwishers held a celebration in their honour.
The leadership position has been taken up by Damien and Prudie Clark.

Catacomb Church minister Geoff Piggot, George McCormack, Ian Crombie

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