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Monday 18 November 2013

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Karen Williams murder: New information makes police hopeful of finding teenager's remains at outback Coober Pedy

http://au.news.yahoo.com, November 12
Police are using ground-penetrating radar as they search at outback Coober Pedy for the remains of missing teenager Karen Williams.
The girl, 16, was last seen alive in late 1990 and a man has been charged in recent days with her murder.
South Australian police resumed a search this week in the town's north-west corner confident they will make a breakthrough.
Superintendent Des Bray said they had received information which made them more certain they were looking in the right area, where there are old mine shafts.
"Although we think this is the most likely place we will find her remains we can never be 100 per cent certain," he said.
"However we've gone there with the expectation that we do have a very good opportunity to recover her body.
"We'll be using ground-penetrating radar, which has been sourced from the AFP (Australian Federal Police), along with some of their specialist operators."


Search for remains in Coober Pedy continues

SA Police news
Following last week's arrest of a man for the 1990 murder of Karen Williams, police will return to Coober Pedy to continue the search for the teenager's remains.
The 16-year-old was last seen in the town in August 1990 and is believed to have been murdered.
A man, 42, was arrested last week in Mt Gambier and charged with her murder.
In July this year, as part of the investigation by the SA Police Major Crime Investigation Branch, a number of mine shafts were searched by detectives with the help of SAPOL's State Tactical Unit as well as local and SES Mines Rescue.
Unfortunately Karen's remains were not located, however, police have returned to the town today to resume their search.
Major Crime Detectives today flew to the outback town, accompanied by experts and equipment to survey the area. This afternoon investigators will begin to utilise ground penetrating radar to scan and identify possible sites for excavation.
Detective Superintendent Des Bray, Officer in Charge Major Crime Investigation Branch, said police remained confident that Karen would be found.
A $200,000 reward is still on offer to anyone who can lead police to the discovery of Karen Williams' remains. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at www.sa.crimestoppers.com.au

Coober Pedy resident, Dean Walker, has been awarded South Australia's Local Hero 2014 for his work as a community constable.

A lynchpin in the Coober Pedy and Oodnadatta communities, 42 years old Senior Community Constable Dean Walker has shown excellence in bravery, sensitivity and cultural awareness.
From rescuing two young girls from a swollen river to helping young Indigenous offenders get their lives back on track, Dean goes beyond the call of duty to make a difference to his community and the lives of the people he serves.
Dean uses his advocacy, communication and leadership skills to connect the local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, and to influence society for the better.
Dean was responsible for delivering the South Australian Police Aboriginal cultural awareness program, which increased the police service's cultural knowledge of Indigenous issues.
Dean gives back in many ways - from coaching sporting teams to bringing together young and old Aboriginal men to promote healthy living, bush skills and positive role models.
Dean's quiet, patient and thoughtful approach to policing and community-building has won the respect of people from Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta and surrounding areas.


The South Australia's award recipients will join recipients from the other States and Territories as finalists for the national awards announced on 25 January 2014 in Canberra.
National Australia Day Council CEO, Mr Jeremy Lasek, said the South Australia's award recipients are all great Australians.
"The South Australian finalists are all dedicated to changing the world for the better," said Mr Lasek.
"The variety of industries represented by the finalists shows the diverse depth of talents and passions in South Australia."
The Commonwealth Bank has been the major sponsor of the Australian of the Year Awards for more than 30 years. Chief Executive Officer Ian Narev congratulated the South Australia's award recipients.
"The Commonwealth Bank is proud to recognise your outstanding achievements. Congratulations on becoming national finalists in the Australian of the Year Awards - you should all be very proud," said Mr Narev.
"We are pleased to be able to celebrate and acknowledge your ongoing dedication to building a better country for us all."
For more information on the Australian of the Year Awards visit australianoftheyear.org.au.

Should Weatherill continue to be Premier if the following is proved?

Email received from safairelections@gmail.com We write to you with regards to an extremely concerning matter regarding alleged, negotiated manipulation of the electoral system in South Australia for the upcoming State Election.
Antony Green was the Keynote speaker last month in Adelaide regarding needed electoral reform to the South Australian and National electoral process.
One key issue was highlighted in the South Australian Electoral Act was the ability to run a full party campaign under the label of an independent, due to the ability to have up to 5 words after the word independent on the Ballot paper.
It was clearly noted that this totally bypassed the party registration section of the SA Electoral Act.
After this the reforming of the SA Electoral Act started with both Government and Private member’s Bills being tabled over the last few weeks.
One very interesting factor in the proposed amendments proposed by the Labor Government was the reducing of the number of words after the word independent from 5 to 2 rather than fully removing words after the word independent.
Newspaper reports on the same day as the reports of these amendments clearly highlighted the fact that both Palmer and Xenephon, who both missed the cut off dates to register a party, plan to run significant campaigns utilising: Independent (Xenephon Group) and Independent (Palmer United).
This was a curious situation where a planned amendment actually did nothing to deal with the main proposed perpetrators of the electoral loophole, that was until the details leaked of an alleged phone conversation last week between the Premier Jay Weatherill and Nick Xenephon.
The allegations of the leak are that there was a phone conversation between the Premier and Nick Xenephon regarding updates on the electoral reform and the proposed amendments and that when the Premier noted the removal of the 5 words after the word Independent that Nick Xenephon manifested.
The ultimate outcome was the compromise to reduce the number of words from 5 to 2 to ensure that Nick could still utilise the loophole to run his campaign. This also leaves the door open for Clive Palmer to also do the same.
Interestingly enough, one of the main people who may be effected by this negotiated manipulation of electoral reform and possibly the election outcome on March 15 2014 is Labor Left Legislative Council member Kyam Maher.
Kyam is number 4 on the Labor LC ticket and with an expected strong showing by Zenephon Group and Palmer United, Kyam could easily loose his seat.
The question needs to be asked, what deal was done or what has Nick Zenephon got on Premier Jay Weatherill that he is prepared to potentially sacrifice a sitting Labor member to satisfy Nick Xenephon.
we hope you will fully investigate and expose this situation in the media to the fullest and regardless of the truth of the rumours, ensure that all words are removed to ensure the integrity of our Electoral Act.

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